The Syndicate

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When Jake had first gone through Andrew's file, he had thought the man was stupid for stealing from the Syndicate. No one stole from the syndicate, everyone knew that. Stealing from the syndicate was like opening your doors to the angel of death and asking it to feel at home. And to think he had just stolen two hundred thousand dollars, Jake scoffed. "This was probably the dumbest accountant on earth" Jake thought as he placed the silencer on his gun.

That evening, when Jake had been ordered to find Andrew and make him pay, Jake had thought the man would be in a flight going out of the planet but to his surprise, he had seen Jake's car parked in his garage and with the way the lights were all turned on inside the house, Jake had no doubts that the man was inside.

He slowly got out of his car, adjusted his coat before walking towards the front door. When he got to the door, he had wanted to pick the lock but found out the door was open. "Another dumb mistake Andrew" Jake muttered under his breath before stepping in.

The first person he had seen was Andrew's wife but before she could scream, Jake's hand was already over her mouth and with his gun on her chin, he motioned her to move towards the bedroom where Andrew was. The moment Andrew saw Jake pointing a gun at his wife, he froze.

"Please don't. Please don't do this" Andrew pleaded but Jake was uninterested.

"Where's the money Andrew?"

"It's here but you don't understand, I can't give it to you"

"I will blow her brains out, I will ki..."

"He has my boy. He said I have to get the money to him tonight or he will kill my boy" Andrew said and began explaning everything to Jake.

Andrew, an accountant for the syndicate had found out that some money were missing and had traced it to Hector, one of the top bosses at the syndicate. He had asked Hector to tell the other bosses what he had done or he would. But Hector had kidnapped his son instead and had asked him to steal exactly two hundred thousand dollars from the syndicate and bring it to him in exchange for his son.

Jake needed to confirm Andrew story, so thirty seconds later, he was walking out of Andrew's home with a briefcase filled with cash to the location where Andrew was expected to make the drop but not before knocking his wife unconscious and shooting Andrew at his lower abdomen. If Andrew's story checked out, Jake would call the paramedics to come treat him but if it was a lie, Andrew would die a very slow and painful death.

So Jake got into his car and drove like crazy. He wanted to make sure he didn't miss a thing. By the time he got to the location, he parked a few meters from the place and watched. At first, everything seemed normal but when Jake gave it a closer look, he saw one of Hector's car parked in the shadows, that was all he needed to see. He quickly brought out his phone and called 911.

After he was done with the call, he broke the phone into two and threw it out the window before bringing out his gun. It was time to go kill a thief and save a kid.


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Very nice work, friend!! :)

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Thank you sooo much.

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Everything's good brother.

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