The Sign

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Judith had been surprised when the mailman brought a mail to her doorstep. At first, she had thought it was a mistake and told the mailman but the had refused and showed her the address on the mail. “Maybe it belonged to the previous occupant of the house” Judith thought as she had just moved in two days ago. But what was more shocking was when she saw that the mail had her name on it.

She had thanked the mailman and had taken the box inside. “No one from her past life knew she was here, who could have sent her a mail” Judith thought as she stared at the box as if it was going to magically grow a mouth and answer her question.

She knew there was only one way to find out so she had opened the box, but what she saw inside the box made her move back in fear. Inside the box were some of her husband things, things that she had thrown away from their old house before she moved here.

First, Judith thought she must getting pranked but who would be so cruel to play a prank such as this after everything that has happened this past few months. She was about closing the box when she saw a note in it. She picked up the note but quickly dropped it back when she read the words written on it.

“From a sad buttercup to a tiny ponytail”

Those were the words written on the note. No one, other than her husband called her ‘tiny ponytail’ and no one knew he did. Many years ago, when Judith was still a kid, she had a tiny ponytail that she was obsessed with, Judith had told her husband the story and he had called her a tiny ponytail ever since.

But there was no way her husband sent this note, Judith was sure about that because her husband was dead. They had both been involved in a car accident that claimed his life and left her in a coma for seven months. That was the reason why she had moved out of their old house after she recovered. She had decided to travel far away from her past and try to start all over.

Was this a sign from her husband, is he trying to communicate? Is this even real? What is happening?!


 last year 

Ok... I need to know what happened with this...
Nicely done friend, i got goosebumps :(

Thank you for sharing in Writing and Reviews!

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 last year 

Hahaha.. I thought about writing a sequel but then it’s good to leave things to the readers imagination every now and then. :)

 last year 

Thank you for sharing in Writing & Reviews community!! We are glad to have you here!!

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