The Revelation

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No one knew what started the war between Robert and Jeff but what everyone knew was that both men were dangerous and shouldn’t be messed with. Robert hated Jeff with all of his guts while Jeff on the other hand was confused as to why Robert had so much hatred towards him. He had tried getting answers but unfortunately, the one person who could give him the answers he needed was the same person who was trying everything possible to see him dead.

So Jeff came up with a plan. Throughout their years of rivalry, Jeff had never been the one to attack first. He had always been the one dodging the bullets been fired at him by Robert, so he decided to shoot one himself. Jeff had paid a visit to Gorge, Robert’s personal accountant and had forced him to fake a meeting with Robert and when Robert arrived, Jeff and his men had surrounded them.

Robert had instructed his men to stand down. Exchanging gun fire knowing fully well he was at a disadvantage would be a stupid thing to do, he knew he was outnumbered so he just had to wait and watch how things played out, maybe he might have a chance to slit the throat of the man he hated with a lot of passion.

Jeff walked up to Robert and asked the one thing he had always wanted to ask. “Why do you hate me so much?”

It had taken some time, but Robert had finally replied. “You killed my little girl” The veins in his neck almost popping out. He was angry.

Jeff on the other hand was confused. He had done a lot of terrible things in his life, killing little girls was part of them but he knew for a fact that he had not killed Robert’a daughter. He always made sure to make his research properly on any of his targets before carrying out his mission, so he was very sure of what he was saying.

But Robert wasn’t buying it. The thought of his daughters corpse at his door step was still very fresh in his memory. She had been skinned and was unrecognizable. A note had been left with her corpse, telling him who killed her.

Jeff knew Robert didn’t believe him. “As a show of good faith, I will let you and your men leave without being harmed” Jeff said and motioned to his men to let them go but not before handing Robert one of his phone.

“Just in case I have information on who really killed your daughter” Jeff said to Robert before watching them leave. He understood how the man felt because he too had a daughter of his own, and though he hadn’t seen or spoken to her in years, he still would go crazy if he found out she had been skinned alive.

Four months after that meeting and Jeff’s phone rang. It was a call from one of his men, telling him they had finally found the lady he was looking for. Jeff immediately left everything he was doing and went to the said location. The lady worked as a librarian and Jeff had gone into the library, pretending to be in search of a book. Things had gone his way and it didn’t take long for the both of them to become friends.

The lady saw him as the father she never had and Jeff saw her as the daughter he had always wanted.

But about two months after that, Jeff’s phone rang. He hesitated for a bit before answering the call because he knew no one had that number except one person, Robert.

“Didn’t think I forgot about you, eh?”

“No I didn’t.” Jeff answered.

“Well I heard you’ve been spending some quality time with your daughter. You didn’t think I will let that happened when you killed mine” Robert scoffed. “Well in about thirty minutes, you will feel what I felt all those years ago” Robert said and ended the call. He would have loved to see the look on Jeff’s face but when the phone started ringing, he knew he had gotten him right where he wanted.

Jeff and his men drove like crazy to the location Robert had given to him. He had pleaded with Robert not to do anything he would end up regretting but Robert was a stubborn man.

“Don’t do anything stupid” Jeff yelled the moment he got out of his car.

“And why shouldn’t I?” Robert asked.

“Because she’s not my daughter, she’s yours.”


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