The Rescue

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Somewhere deep in the desert..

Eric covered his ears and laid down flat on the floor as the sounds of gunshots filled the air. He didn't know who was shooting or what his captors were shooting at, but whoever it was had all of Eric's permission to kill as many soldiers as they wanted.

Eric had been held captives for the past three days, and those who had held him captive were known as the Syndicate. The Syndicate had taken Eric hostage because they found he had vital intel concerning their organization and for the past three days, they had all been trying to coerce Eric into giving them that intel.

But Eric was never going to say a word, he knew the only reason while he was still breathing was because of the intel he had. The Syndicate wouldn’t hesitate to kill him the moment they got what they wanted from him and he was right.

So Eric remained on the floor and prayed that whoever was responsible for the series of gunshot he was hearing right now, should be on his side. And it was as if God heard his prayers because six minutes after he said those prayers, the doors to his cell was opened.

“You’re Eric Woods, correct?” The man asked as he opened the cell and immediately removed Eric’s cuffs.

"Yes?" Eric answered as he got on his feet.

"We have to..." The man ducked and fired at one of the military men coming his way. "We have to leave, now!"

Few minutes later and Eric found himself in a vehicle speeding down the road.


"I have the asset, we're on our way back" Eric heard the man say into a tiny mouthpiece before focusing on the road.

"They sent just you?" Eric asked surprised. "I mean for the information I possess, I was expecting them to send the whole cavalry."

"Yeah, well I'm the cavalry and you must be pretty important for them to send me down this shit hole to come save you" the man said, still focused on the road ahead.

“Well I know they plan on bombing one of the syndicate's secret hideout three days from now and I also happen to know the exact hideout so I'm sure they wouldn’t want the syndicate knowing about their plans, so yeah I’m pretty important” Eric bragged and the man smiled.

“Where are we going?” Eric asked when he noticed the man made a sharp turn but before he could make sense of what was happening, Eric found himself back at the compound they had just escaped from.

The back door of the car was yanked open and one of the soldiers pulled him out and dragged him back to his cell, it was the same man Eric watched get shot in the chest.

“Do you have what we want?” One of the leaders asked the man as he got out of the drivers seat.

“I have everything” the man replied, smiling.


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