The Midnight Slaughter

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On one rainy nights, six years old Andy was sleeping in his room when he heard the scream of his parents coming from the living room downstairs. His first instinct had been to run down there but Andy was a kid and did what every kid would do, he hid himself under his bed.

The lightening and thunder sounds combined with the screams of his parents downstairs made him shiver under his bed, it was as if he was the main character in an horror movie.

Andy remained under the bed until he could no longer hear the wailing sound coming from his parents downstairs. He was about getting out of under the bed to go see what had happened when he started hearing footsteps coming up the stairs. Whatever or whoever it was, they surely do enjoy walking in a dramatic way.

Andy remained still as he watched his door creak open and a man walked in. His room was dark so he couldn’t see the man’s face but Andy was sure the man was holding a machete. After standing close to his bed for about a minute, the man went to the wall and wrote something before climbing on Andy’s bed.

Andy waited until his eyes got used to the darkness before he saw what was written on his wall.

“I know you’re under the bed” he read the words before letting out a loud scream.

“Andy! Wake up!” Andy’s mom jolted him out of his nightmare. “It’s just a dream honey.” She said while hugging him.

Andy said nothing but silently thanked God that it was all a bad dream. But one thing was for sure though, he was never sleeping on that bed alone ever again.


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