The Kidnap

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Detective Harvey watched from a corner as the judge read out the sentences to Owen Shaw. “He sure would be spending a lot of time in prison.” Harvey thought as he remembered how he and his men had arrested Owen, all thanks to his sons insane plan.

When news of the kidnap of Owen Shaw’s son first got to the police, no one had an idea that this was how it was all going to turn out. Owen, a billionaire had told detective Harvey that the kidnappers had requested for three millions dollars to be converted into Bitcoin and sent to a Bitcoin account but what detective Harvey didn’t know was that Owen was hiding something from him.

The kidnappers had not requested for any money to be transferred, they had only requested that he sent them a document that had all the details of the human trafficking business he was into. Owen had no idea how they knew about his underground business, but giving up that document would be the end of him, and that was the last thing he was going to do.

Videos of Eric, Owen’s don being tied up we’re sent to Owen. The kidnappers threatened that if Owen didn’t comply, then Eric was a goner. Owen had taken the videos straight to detective Harvey all in hopes that a clue in finding his son might be in it.

At one first glance at the video then you know that nothing good would come out of it, but detective Harvey was determined in finding Eric, so he had spent hours watching that same clip and then he saw it, it was a reflection on the glass behind Eric where he was tied up. The reflection had some sort of statue in it and Harvey could swear he had seen it somewhere before.

After racking his brain like never before, detective Harvey finally got a location and immediately moved out with his boys. But Detective Harvey had been thrown a little off balance when he and his son saw Eric and the kidnapper sharing a bottle of wine, it looked more like a get together than a kidnap. They didn’t even have a real weapon with them, only a fake gun.

Harvey had brought Eric in for questioning and that was when Eric told him the whole thing. “That’s one hell of a son.” Detective Harvey said as he quietly slipped out of the courtroom.


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