The Dirty Cop

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Detective Chris stood shell-shock when he heard the voice of Inspector Givens. There was no way the thoughts going through his mind are correct because if they were, a lot of things was about to go down.

About a week ago, an officer had died as a result of a hit and run, well that was until detective Chris found out that the officer had been murdered instead. Detective Chris had found out that officer Nevez was on the verge of exposing some of her corrupt colleagues before she passed and had secretly taken it upon himself to investigate her death.

He had secretly followed the people who had claimed to be present at the scene during the hit and run and had caught one of them buying hard drugs from a street thug, that was all detective Chris needed to bring him in.

He had offered the man a deal. “Tell me the truth about Nevez death and I let you walk.

The man whose name was Gorge had agreed to the deal. Of course Chris had made it known that he would be spending several years in prison if the caught found him guilty of buying illegal hard drugs, so George had no option but to dance to Chris tone.

He had told Chris of how a man had once approached him with pictures of Gorge’s parents and had threatened to harm them if Gorge didn’t do as they say. Gorge had received a call two days later, the caller had instructed him to walk down a street. When he got to the street, the lady was already dead on the floor. “The person on the phone instructed me to tell the cops that I was present during the hit and run” Gorge said to Detective Chris.

“The man on the phone, do you know who he is?” Chris asked.

“No, all I have is the voice recorder of the phone call.” Gorge said and watched as the Detective’s face lit up.

“The recording, do you have it?”

“Yes, it’s on my phone.”

Detective Chris had listened to that recording for two days straight, and when he couldn’t get any clue on who the man on the recording was, he decided it was time to make his investigations public, he had to visit the late Officer Nevez station.

Chris had driven there the next day and had been ushered into Inspectors Givens office. The man had not been on seat so Chris had been asked to wait. But Chris soul almost left his body when he heard the voice of Inspector Given as he walked into the office.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting.” Detective Givens said as he walked in but Detective Chris was speechless.

It was either he was hallucinating or Inspector Givens was sounding just like the man on the phone record, the same record Chris had come to show the inspector.


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