The Decoy

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Officer Dylan got cheered as he marched Gina Russell and her team of armed robbers down to prison. He had been on the case for the past three months and was happy he and his team came out victorious.

Gina Russell and her team of armed robbers had been terrorizing the good people of Wazaza until few days ago when officer Dylan had received an anonymous call on the location of Gina. He and his team had immediately swooped the motel where she was hiding and arrested her.

After her arrest, Gina had agreed to give officer Dylan some information on their next hit if only he agreed that she would be granted immunity. Dylan had refused to play ball until she told him that their next hit was happening in approximately thirty minutes and that was when he agreed to her deal. Sacrificing one person to capture the rest of her team was worth it. Three minutes later and officer Dylan was on his way with his team to go stop the robbery that was about to happen.


He had called the bank and told them about the possible attack on their cash armored truck and asked that it was redirected to another route which the robbers won’t be expecting and they did just that. Then officer Dylan got an empty armored truck and placed some of his men in it before sending it towards the route the first truck was expected to follow. The robbers were in for the surprise of their lives when they open the truck expecting to see loads of cash but see armed men instead.

The moment the decoy truck left, officer Dylan got a call from the station, Gina Russell had escaped. Officer Dylan thought it was dumb of her to run considering they already agreed to give her immunity but then again, escaping from police custody was a crime and the first immunity deal would no longer hold ground, so now he could hunt her down and arrest her, it was a win win.

But Officer Dylan started thinking, what if Gina’s arrest had been planned by her, what if Gina had only been a decoy sent by her team to lead Dylan and his team the wrong way while they attacked the diverted truck.. So Dylan called the station and asked that they traced where the anonymous call that led to Gina’s arrest came from. The trace had only taken thirty seconds and the officer at the station called to tell Dylan that the call had come from Gina’s phone which had been seized after her arrest and was currently at the station.

Officer Dylan immediately assembled the rest of his team and drove towards the other route where the real armored truck had diverted to. He had gotten there just in time as the gun battle between the robbers and the two police officers protecting the armored truck began.

After a gun battle that lasted for about two minutes, the robbers took to their heels. They had not been prepaid for such gun battle and didn’t need a soothsayer to let them know they had lost. But Officer Dylan and his men were hell bent on arresting the robbers, so they chased after them and arrested them.

Later that night, Gina Russell was re-arrested at one of their hideouts where she was getting ready to leave the country.


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