The Bodyguard

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Ryan wiped the blood on his face with one hand as he listened to the man beg for his life while pointing a gun at him with the other hand. Ryan thought it was foolish of the man to beg for his life considering the amount of people Ryan had to kill just to get at him. If this was Hollywood, Ryan would first say some words that probably would give the man some time to knock the gun off his hand and probably escape but this wasn’t Hollywood and no one was escaping today, so Ryan pulled the trigger. He kept on pressing the trigger until he heard the ‘click’ sound indicating that the gun was now empty.

Ryan was a professional bodyguard who had worked for Hector for the past ten years before finally deciding to retire. And though Hector didn’t want him to go because of how skilled Ryan was, there was nothing he could do. The man had taken enough bullets for him, it was time to let him be with his wife.

But it seemed the universe had other plans for Ryan because two weeks after he retired, his house was attacked. Ryan had been able to kill everyone of them but not before they placed a bullet in his wife’s head. He had mourned for days. And when Hector visited to pay his condolences, he had recognized one of the men who had attacked Ryan’s home as one of Gus men. Gus had been a long time enemy of Hector and seeing how Ryan had foiled a lot of his plans to kill Hector, Gus must have though Ryan was still Hector’s personal bodyguard and had decided to take care of him.

All Hector said was all Ryan needed to know before he went on a rampage on Gus. Within three days Ryan had demolished fifteen percents of Gus business. Everyone drug site he owned was burnt and every warehouse where he stored his illegal weapons were raided by the police thanks to an anonymous tip. Ryan had done all of that just to draw Gus out from his fortified fortress and when came out, he had wasted no time in silencing him.

But just before he placed a bullet on Gus head, the man had sworn that he had nothing to do with the attack on Ryan’s house and when Ryan showed him a picture of one of the men who killed his wife, Gus had recognized him as one of Hector’s private mercenaries. If Ryan had a choice, he would have spared Gus life but leaving him alive was putting a marker on himself, so he did the only thing he knew was safe for him, he killed him.

Ryan had gone after Hector afterwards. Before, he had taken Hector’s word for it and had gone after Gus without doing any proper research on the man on the photograph but that was no longer the case. Ryan had done more research on the man and when Gus story checked out, he had gone at Hector with everything he had. Hector had used him to kill his enemy but what he didn’t know was that he had created a new one in the process, a more powerful one.

So with his wife’s death revenged, Ryan threw away his now empty gun as he walked away from Hector’s remains.


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