The arms dealer, the cop and the raid

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As Damon got escorted to his cell in his orange overall prison clothes, he couldn’t help but remember how nemesis had finally caught up with after twelve years of running from the police.

Damon was a murderer and a black market arms dealers who sold weapons to the worst of men out there. The police had been trying to arrest him ever since they found out he was responsible for the murder of Hector, a man who unknown to the police, was a robber who had hired some guns from Damon. Hector had promised to split the cash from the robbery with Damon as payment for his weapons, a deal Damon had accepted.

But things had gone sideways and the robbery had failed. Hector had tried to explain everything to Damon but he wouldn’t hear of it. Damon wasn’t one to play with his business, so he had his goons torture Hector before putting a bullet on Hector’s head himself. A cctv camera had picked up Damon’s face as he left the building and he had being on the run ever since.

But being on the run had little or no effect on his business. Damon still continued selling arms to criminals and terrorist nationwide. He would pick a secured location where the exchange would take place, and after it has been successful, he would disappear. Damon had continued like this for years until one day when he received a call from an old client of his named Gus.

A friend of Gus was in the market looking for untraceable guns to purchase and Gus had decided to link him up with Damon. Damon had spoken to Gus friend whose name was Eric. He had given Eric a location where the exchange would be made but what Damon didn’t tell Eric was that it was a set up. He wanted to make sure Eric wasn’t working with the police or the feds so he had given him a location that wasn’t secure to know if Eric would fall for it.

Damon knew every real criminal would do a background check of the proposed location first before accepting it, something the feds wouldn’t do, so he had laid his trap and waited to see if it would get any prey. About fourteen minutes later after he gave Eric the location, Eric called back, he was furious.

He had done some his checks on the location and the place was swimming with cops. He had almost called off the deal if not for Gus who had pleaded on Damon’s behalf and had agreed for Eric to pick the location instead. Damon had agreed too, seeing that was the only way Eric would agree to do business. So Eric had called the next day to give Damon a location, it was an underground tunnel, one that was no longer in the blueprint of the place. Damon thought it was brilliant and completely off the radar. There was no way the cops would arrest him in a place they didn’t even know exist. So he and his goons had loaded the weapons in a truck and head out.

When they got to the location, Eric was already waiting for them. He immediately went into business the moment Damon came out of the car. He showed him a briefcase filled with cash, approximately two million dollars and was still inspecting the weapons when the whole place got raided by the police. With the choppers flying up ahead and the cop cars coming at them, it was like world war 3.

Damon attempted to run but froze when he felt a cold steel on his neck. “Make a move and I blow off your head” Secret agent Eric said as he immediately handcuffed Damon. A few of Damon’s goons had engaged in a gun fight with the police but they were clearly outnumbered and outgunned so it didn’t take long for the cops to finish them off.

Damon smiled at the warden as he locked his cell. If he ever got out of here alive, he would be coming for everyone who had put him here, starting from Gus.


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