Tweak : Connection Between Realms

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Vida closes her eyes and fell into a deep slumber...

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Vida noticed rose petals strewn on her bed, as well as flowers in vases on the table and at her bedside. She was curious as to who had placed and scattered the lovely flowers. She was dizzy after smelling the flowers. She passed out on her bed and collapsed.



In her bedroom, a good-looking, well-built man appeared. He gently lifted Vida and placed her on her pillow, fixing her dress and hair as she slept like a sleeping beauty. He was simply looking at her. That rhythmic heart, those steady breaths, more than enough to make him fall in love with her while she slept. He left Vida's room and returned with a tray of fruits, a dinner for two, tall glasses, and an expensive bottle of wine. He laid them next to Vida's bed on a table. After arranging the table, he approached Vida and kissed her on the forehead. She shifted her weight and opened her eyes. Vida was startled to see him, so he smiled at her...

"Who you are?" Vida wondered, "Where am I?"
He quipped, "You're in my palace."
She was perplexed, "What?"
"Let me help you get out of bed, and then let's eat dinner," he said.
"I don't know who you are...Who are you?" she inquired once more.
"My name is Gabriel."
"How did I end up here? I have no idea!" Vida whispered.
Gabriel told her, "Shhh... don't say too much, dear."

Vida was offered a glass of wine by Gabriel, who took a few sips and looked about. He then led Vida to the table, where their dinner was waiting for them. Vida is seated in a chair that he has pulled. Gabriel has prepared a delectable meal for them.

Gabriel stood up after eating and asked Vida to dance while playing a beautiful love song. Vida was held tightly, and he kissed her on the forehead. Vida felt a little tipsy as a result of the wine. Vida was ushered to a chair by Gabriel. He got the red roses and handed them to Vida. She took a whiff of the roses...

Vida was startled from her deep slumber...... She was taken aback when she discovered a dozen of ROSES on her bed...

Real magic spells bind consciousness to reality in a new way, tweaking with the connection in order to progress it. Angels can use their intuition to reach out to other worlds through the walls of reality, through the interface. The words have magical power as it is a connection between realms.

This is my entry for WRITE YOUR FICTION SHORT STORY. Thanks to @belenguerra @writingnreviews and @fendit


Ang ganda naman ate.

Salamat Migoy. unya na ko suroy sa imu ha? grabe net ko talaga umaga pa yan now lang natapos

Connection is the best! Sana all may connection sister. Ganda tlaga

Just close your eyes sister and connect :)

This is a story which often leaves the young at hearts staring to nowhere and daydreaming....

Young ones are often daydreams but do you know that daydreaming is the subconsciousness that connects reality?

It's the reality of what you feel perhaps but unreachable and when it happens, it's a 'dream come true'...^_^

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Wow!! Amazing!! I really like your post and story!! It's a very original one!

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Thanks you so much that you really like the story. I promise to make more original stories in this incredible community. God speed!