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RE: The Interview Showcase #10 - A Talk With Some Interesting Steemians

in Hot News Community10 months ago

Ubo estoy tan agradecida por tomarte el tiempo de entrevistarme y cantarme en español 😂 fue encantador conocerte y conectar contigo. Tu segmento es impresionante y lo maravilloso es que estando en otro continente me siento cerca de Nigeria y también de Pakistán al compartir la vitrina con @suboohi quien es increíble.

Bendiciones para ti y un fuerte abrazo venezolano🤗

 10 months ago 

Thank you so much ViVi, it was great to have you on my Show this Week, and thank you for the great Song you sang. you have such a great voice, Maybe Some day we would host a music Meet up and people will just Sing on my Show..?

Thank you.

 10 months ago 

😂 I want to see that Ubo, all your guests singing, it will be different and very funny.

I like to sing, that's why I dedicated to you that sauce by Oscar de León, a Venezuelan singer.

 10 months ago 

Great..., i'll come up with that very soon, perhaps @karianaporras will play her guitar and her great Voice too and a whole lot of Friends..

 10 months ago 

😂😂 Kari is excellent so let's do like the Jimmy Fallom show hahahaha with toy instruments haha

 10 months ago 

Que yo que???? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

 10 months ago 

Jajajaja que tu eres parte del grupo musical jaja

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