The Interview Showcase #93 - Exclusive Talk with an Indonesian Photographer/ blogger

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Hello people of Steem and Steemit,

Welcome to the 93rd edition of “The interview showcase...." and my 17th show for 2024.

If you are new to this page, this lifestyle program has many educational values. A weekly interview of users in the blog concerning some trending topics on the Steemit platform. And tips that can help other Steemians to progress positively and help boost the Steem’s growth.

It will help you to get to know more about Steemians around the globe and even Steem and Steemit itself.

I take time to look at some of the most important topics in the blockchain and have a chat/call with Steemians who have a greater idea about those topics.

They also share some tips that can help other users understand the blockchain and correctly use it. Sometimes they seek valuable suggestions here to help them solve some of their challenges.

On this weeks show, I would be talking with @sultan-aceh who is from Indonesia. In the time past, he was spotted for his humanitarian activities, especially during the flood time in Indonesia.

He is known for his photography skills as well as drawing skills. Join me as I welcome this user to my show!

@sultan-aceh's property

: Hi Sultan-aceh, it's nice to have you on my show will you describe yourself to users who doesn't know you?

🔶Sultan-aceh : Thank you for inviting me here, I really appreciate. Maybe I would describe myself as someone who have high interest or expertise in photographing content, photos, macros, paintings, experience, help or support.

: How did you hear about the Steemit platform and why did you join?

🔶Sultan-aceh : My life situation was very chaotic at that time, the house was out of contract, the cost of living was very high, the income was small, especially since Aceh was an area of former civil war conflict, between Aceh and Indonesia from 1999 to 2005. (but now it is peaceful), it was difficult to get and do jobs that are within our reach.

It started, in a coffee shop called "Syarif Delima" there I sat for almost 1 year, I happened to sit with someone, who I didn't know. He offered me to create a Steemit account, yes... because, from his explanation, he only sells pictures and he said he could earn money. Money... sure... yes I continued to join, after joining, it turned out to be different, we had to save while investing for ourselves. Great thing that I have never done.

Why did I join...? I needed additional costs for my children and family, this was the most important thing at that time, even though after I joined, we were determined to have to save and invest.

I got more experience after I joined, I was active day and night, and my eyes stopped through the @xpilar fish contest at that time, and I started to often sleep upside down when I was with @xpilar, 😀(until now), I felt entertained and had peace with @xpilar, and really feel comfortable. My chaotic life before, has disappeared overtime, with the wox community and the moderators and users of steemit as a whole.

: Your blog is full with some interesting story, have you always been a blogger ?

🔶Sultan-aceh : Yes..., actually the story is a true story, because I live around the forest, far from the city, .... I like being a blogger, only on steemit, it's fun, lots of friends, different countries, share knowledge, I can express myself, building an Aceh team community, self-development, can get additional income, have great friends who have big minds, so that we can continue to progress.....

: How far have you gone in blogging?

🔶Sultan-aceh : Let other people judge me.😀Maybe the greatest, I really stay on

: Has work ever made you leave your country before? And how was the experience?

🔶Sultan-aceh : No. I only move around my country and been to places like Jakarta, Kalimantan, Banjarmasin, Maluku, but, my experience is still good in Aceh.

: What do you put into consideration before posting your contents?

🔶Sultan-aceh : I always consider quality content, contents that can add values. This helps my post to be seen and read by many.

: Generally, do you think Steemians are doing well in terms of engagement in the blog?

🔶Sultan-aceh : my opinion, they are very good, maybe they just need some increased sound support, so they don't leave, get bored, etc.

: If you could travel anywhere in the world that you've not yet been, where would that be?

🔶Sultan-aceh : I just want to go to Norway, meet @xpilar and Team Norway, my dream before I die

: What is your biggest pet peeve?

🔶Sultan-aceh : My duck....😀 ... he is very smelly, and very noisy if we don't feed him.

: What is your favorite song?

🔶Sultan-aceh : There isn't any.

: Have you heard any African music before?

🔶Sultan-aceh : No.

: Here you go! Enjoy the dance too, but use earpiece to enjoy.

: Outside of the blockchain world, what are your hobbies/interests?

🔶Sultan-aceh : Creating any creative work, photography and research historical places.

: Whose Steemit blog are you most entertained by?

🔶Sultan-aceh : Everything entertained me, maybe one of them is the rhyme words from @dobartim... Acehnese people can be motivated by words.

: Which user will you like me to interview in my show and why?

🔶Sultan-aceh : All the good and exemplary users in the blog.

: It looks like in the time past you have done a lot using Steem, could you talk about them?

🔶Sultan-aceh : Yes...I'm very happy, everything was done, thanks to the support of @xpilar and team or community collaboration, without them, nothing would have succeeded. Like :

  • Make your own house
  • Make a poor man's house
  • Make children's education
  • Recruiting steemit users using Steem
  • Family living expenses

: If you were to turn back the hands of time, which event in your life will you like to see...happening again?

🔶Sultan-aceh : Providing humanitarian aid, building homes for the poor, places for children's education and Islamic boarding schools for children's education. .. you have to save first in the future.

: Which changes would you like to see on Steem by before this year ends?

🔶Sultan-aceh : This year is already very good.

: What is the most difficult thing you've ever attempted to learn?

🔶Sultan-aceh : Running server for Steem witness.

: Do you have any message to the steemit team?

🔶Sultan-aceh : My only message is, continue to maintain the curator's performance for checking direct user accounts, which have good content in any community.

: What can you say about the Interview Showcase, do you think it is interesting and should be continued?

🔶Sultan-aceh : It's a very good program, it's worth continuing. Keep it up. And thank you for inviting me to your show, I hope to read more about other users in the future.

: Thank you very much Sultan for your time, it was nice to have you on my show.

To my audience

I hope you enjoy the Show...? Do you think I am missing something? Please feel free to tell me, let's make this better daily. Share your suggestions with me, I'll so much appreciate it.

Do you have a particular topic you would like me to feature? Is there a user you would like me to feature? Please contact me (language) is not a barrier and all will be handled successfully.

If you are interested in being one of my guests, please don't hesitate to contact me any time soon through my details: Discord: ubongudofot#9499

Telegram: Contact Me

Please note that users/guest's privacy or confidentiality would be considered first before posting, thank you.

See you next week for another interesting show, don't miss it.

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This post has been featured in the latest edition of Steem News...

 2 months ago 

Thank you for all the great news..., and thanks for featuring this show on STEEM News.

The interview showcase with @sultan-aceh is nice to read. He has done a lot for many people in Aceh.

 2 months ago 

It was nice to have him on my showcase for this week...😊

hello @xpilar, sorry I'm late in replying
yes... glad to be able to help, I want to be like you, to be able to help many Steem users and people in the real world, and this is also thanks to you, everything can be achieved and survived until now. :) :)

Great! Glad that you chose to feature him 🎤

 2 months ago 

Hi Petface.., thank you.

Excelente entrevista!!

It's a pleasure to have you interviewed, hopefully, this event will continue, it's great to see African dance

greetings to all

 2 months ago 

Awesome interview brother

Many blessings and success for you

thank you so much @sailawana
Same greeting to you, Many blessings and success for you

 2 months ago 


 2 months ago 

It was interesting to have you on the show...and I'm glad you like the African dance 🙂.

Hopefully , this show will continue till everyone is featured here.

Hope to have you again on my show in the future.

Thank you for your welcome, hopefully we will be connected to the next event with you :)

Great interview we have here. One interesting thing I love about the interview showcase is that is helps us to get to know great steemians that we may not ordinarily have met.

It’s really a great show and I get know more about people, interact with their mindsets and what makes them tick.

This is really needed for every hard working steemian out there. Way to go sir. You are doing a great job.

 last month (edited)

Thank you..., and maybe someday.., others would know about your quality contents and the effort you put to make it standout through my show...

I would look forward to that. Thank you sir

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