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Hi there, and welcome to my world. My name is Solar Steem and I am here for solar and lovers of solar. I am from the planet earth and I love the sun.

After observing the blog for many years, I discovered that something was missing, what was that? It was a community for solar technicians or all the solar related contents.

I love gathering my family, so I thought of creating a common ground where such contents could be shared here on STEEM. A place where all can learn more about solar PV, Installations, maintenance and reviews.

And now, here we are, a brand new "Solar Steem" community coming up to say - Hi!

What's our focus?

  • ONLY solar related contents. The key thing here is to keep the community 'pure' - totally focused on Solar PV (and thermal) - no diary games, engagement challenges etc.

  • And no general AI created stuff from people who have no active knowledge of solar. DO NOT bring that here, we would mute you instanta without warning.

  • It must be Steemexclusive contents.

  • No plagiarism

  • No beg for vote content

  • If you are chasing/ desperate for booming supports, this might be a wrong place for you.

  • Avoid unnecessary tagging for attention

Accept the rules or stay away!

We welcome all languages, hence it can be translated. If users post irrelevant stuff they would be muted to keep it focused as we don't tolerate that.

We target the community for...

✅ People who have solar installed to report on performance and issues
✅ Reviews of solar equipment
✅ Install instructions... etc

Who runs the community?

@solarsteem - Community account
@pennsif - Admin
@ubongudofot - Admin
@mahadisalim - Moderator


Delegations from users are welcome and highly appreciated. Hopefully, this would strengthens the voting power of the community account, which would be used to support the community contents and other related projects.

Feel free to come here and learn about solar renewable energy, share your solar contents and engage meaningfully.

We love the sun!


I will put my monthly solar reports here :)

That would be fine, bring it on. Such posts are welcome here!

Dear Solar Steem Community,
I am very happy to write about solar here. A very educational community. Renewable energy is very important for climate change and environment protection. The community will have an important contribution to make to climate change and protect the environment. Many people can learn about solar from here and make their own solar. Especially due to our country's oil and gas problem, it will be difficult to produce electricity and provide uninterrupted power supply. So solar will play an important role as an alternative. I welcome the community. I will share my experience on solar in the community.

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 2 months ago 

We are glad to have you. Hope here can be a good educational ground for solar PVs.


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Thanks Dear Sir......

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 2 months ago (edited)

More sun, more solar till the diamond which is STEEM is discovered by many!

Thanks for featuring.

We love the 🌞!

 2 months ago 

🌞 ☀️

Good luck…

 2 months ago 

Thank you 🌞!

I'm glad you found another niche of yours. Good luck to you!

Thank you for your support. More nich yet to come..

#welovethesun 🌞

It's definitely a great move. Wish you all the best.💖


Great to see this community. I believe this community will move forward much faster in a very short time. I pray for this community and wish it success.

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