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RE: The Interview Showcase #10 - A Talk With Some Interesting Steemians

in Hot News Community9 months ago

Man oh man! How I enjoyed these two interviews!!
Well done to you, @vivigibelis and @suboohi.
We celebrate August as National Women's Month and for sure was this one of the highlights for me this month.

 9 months ago 

Thank you dear. I want to see you on this show case too and want to know about not only a great great blogger but a great woman. I always admire with your personality ❤️❤️

 9 months ago 

Guess what my friend... I was on Showcase #1 (•ิ‿•ิ)
As for the admiration, it is a two street.
Wishing you a wonderful week!

 9 months ago 

I will check it👍

 9 months ago 

Gracias querida, disfruté de la caballerosidad de Ubo y sus agradables preguntas.

Como mujer y por otro lado venezolana, me siento orgullosa de mi paso en steemit. Gracias por tus palabras♥️

 9 months ago 

It was great to have them on my Show...thanks for reading.

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