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RE: The Interview Showcase #10 - A Talk With Some Interesting Steemians

in Hot News Community10 months ago

What a Big Original iniciative. I really enjoyed reading the interview made to my dear country woman @Vivigibellis which is a great venezuelan Steemian that everybody now know her in the communities from our country. Congrats for this.

 10 months ago 

Thank you so much for the great Commendation. Vivi is such a great Friend. Thank you for following through...😊

 10 months ago 

Hermosa, gracias por leerla y como tú, que eres asombrosa y una usuaria activa encantadora. Un abrazote.

 10 months ago 

Grazie. Igualmente 😃 saludos de buenas noches envío. 🌃

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