I really hate that so much suppression of information is happening. And it is not suppression of wild conjectures, no it is suppression of who, what and where.

At this point, if you told me the WHO paid for, shipped, coordinated this outbreak, i would not be surprised. All i could say is, publish as far and wide as possible, do not leave anything secret, because there are people out there silencing such bearers of information.

Further, about 6.66, we live in cities. Huge structures of people that all interact with each other. Fast food chains that have people sitting in the seat almost as soon as the last person left.

China is doomed, not the people, the country. Xi will not be able to hold it together.

America is doomed as we lose all of our just in time supplies.
We will discover just how little reserves we have.

It is noteworthy that the goal of globalists include the end of independent nations. I expect the hard truth to finally become apparent to billions of people with the imposition of a global totalitarian state that intends to reduce population to that .5 - 1 Billion so often mentioned in the UN Agendae, on the Georgia Guidestones, and parroted by SJW activists.

Where we're going we don't need any reserves.


More specifically, the globalists want an end of independent nations WITH their being a strong one-world govern-cement.

What would be good for the people is the independent nations to split into a much tinier nations, until each person is a sovereign individual.

The middle part looks the same for both ends.

That R0 value is scary (4.7-6.6). I remember when - John Campbell, early on, said he was worried, when the R0 value was like 2 - then I remember when Eric-Ding had a twitter thread early on, I covered it at the time, where he was shocked by an estimated r0 of 4, he was saying that was shocking - but r0 of 6 or even the possibility of 5, is like in the territory of they likely will not even have the resources soon to track it. John Campbell is great, but like you said, he leans on China numbers even though he admits they are likely flase as a way to read into the problem - China's numbers, just follow an predictive chart, they don't even count them any-more at least in my opinion, they just what day it is, then check what the chart estimates would be - Its pretty sad really. Great post! 666 alright!

I would not be surprised if numbers of infected were in the tens of millions, and those felled a million or more. The SO2 clouds over Wuhan have been incessant, and the massive number of incinerators brought in clearly weren't just sitting idle. They needed them because bodies were stacking up in hospitals early in January, as Fang Bin showed in the video for which he was arrested/forcibly taken to a quarantine location not his home.

I know that if we as a society immediately undertake the necessary actions we can end this contagion. However the media are censoring the alarming facts, and I don't think it's from incompetence. I think it's deliberate, to create the proximate cause for the imposition of a global totalitarian state that makes Vlad the Impaler look like a free love hippy.


Does @valued-customer mean that the world's shadow government is cutting the earth's population through the corona virus?
I think it's your radical reasoning. I think it's a fiction that there is a shadow government that controls the whole planet.

Population explosions in ancient Chinese history have always caused epidemics, famine, and war.
As you say, biological weapons may have leaked out of the lab, but it's a radical mystery that the shadow government commits intentional slaughter to cut the world population.

I think it may be possible that the Chinese government is intentionally acting to reduce China's population.
But as you say, it is true that we ourselves must protect our lives and security, not governments.

I wish you enough sleep, meals and exercise to keep your health. I'm worried that you don't sleep and you write too much.

Clearly China, and all human societies, have experienced devastating pandemics throughout history. I am not stating China did this. I am stating that the most wealthy and powerful overlords on the planet - people to whom national governments are just tools - are using this event to advance their goals. These goals are stated in Agenda 2030, on the Georgia Guidestones, and are a constant refrain of propaganda. A constant feature of those goals is a reduction of human population to ~1 billion or less. Even if this pandemic virus will not do that, totalitarian governments can use the quarantines that render civilians helpless to do so.

The goal of globalists is not to strengthen communist states like China, or crony capitalist states like the US, but to use them as tools to destroy all nations and create a global government they rule as gods. I cannot imagine a more suitable proximate cause than this pandemic for that purpose.

"I'm worried that you don't sleep and you write too much."

I laughed out loud. I appreciate your concern, and that you took the time to read my about me blurb.


The R0 is estimated to be as high as 6.6, which I rounded up to 6.66 because it's of biblical proportions.

Dramatic indeed, but a little showmanship and symbolism are far more attention-getting than the facts and common sense you also lay out. The first, hopefully, leads to the second

I don't know much about showmanship. All I know how to do is reason, so that's my go to. This symbolic horror wrote itself.

reason bores and confuses people, it has to be wrapped in gold tinfoil and corona'd by sparklers

a talent I myself do not have

I am not interested in the opinions of people that need gold tinfoil and sparklers to pay attention to important things. I prefer they ignore me. It makes it easier to get meaningful shit done.

This is probably why china built so many ghost cities that are currently un inhabited, and the PRC moves people in mass tothem and takes their land in valueable areas.

"Unfortunately, Dr. Campbell repeats the disproved theory that the Wuhan wet market was the vector for the initial introduction of the virus. The Lancet disproved this weeks ago." I just read through the Lancet article and I couldn't find a smoking gun, other than that patient zero had no connection with the market that they could find. This doesn't disprove the zoonotic origin theory, it just means that the market may not be the origin, or that they don't know his connection with it. The market does seem to be the place where the initial outbreak began though. With an R0 of 5 or 6 it may be impossible to pin down exactly where this guy got it from, especially considering how little was understood about the danger at that time. People weren't exactly being cautious at that point. He and others were probably spreading it for at least a week while asymptomatic. While writing this, I went and checked James Lions-Weiler's (the guy who was quoted as proving the engineered-virus hypothesis) Twitter feed and he refutes the engineered-virus hypothesis in this recent video here. I've been skeptical of this notion since day 1 because of something that Martin Armstrong pointed out early on in the outbreak, which is that the fatality rates are much too small to be engineered bioweapons. He figures that 30+% fatality rate would be necessary as an effective bioweapon. This is not to say that it disproves government mishandling of viruses in labs, but we don't exactly have reliable information to that effect.

Of particular concern to me in all of this isn't the origin though, it's the combination of that large R0 number and the apparent fatality rate when you look at the data found here that you were so kind as to share with us. One further thing that adds some more weight to the fear factor about the above data is that in that video above by Dr. John Campbell, he shows from the cited research paper that the time between hospital admission and discharge vs. hospital admission and death is roughly the same at 11.5 and 11.2 days respectively. What this means is that the real-time data that we're seeing should be a pretty accurate reflection of the fatality rate when taking the number of deaths and dividing by the number of recovered. Last I checked that number was just a bit over 9%. The silver lining here is that now that strategies have been developed and time has progressed, the fatality rate seems to have shrunk considerably since I first brought this up on your blog when it seemed to be closer to 26%. The converse to that is that 9+% is a near-literal decimation of any populations that are infected with the virus.

My hope here is that I'm missing some critical piece of information and that the rate really is only around 2%. As usual, the biggest problem in all of this is how close to the chest they're keeping all of their information. As a result I'm at a loss as to where they're coming up with their fatality rates given the data that they themselves are presenting.


I'm just on my way out the door .. but thought this video might be of interest to you, it was recorded in 2010 and whilst I don't agree with the title or some aspects of the video, the synchronicity between the virus and the earlier Iranian debacle are certainly worth noting. If you're on #steempeak you might have to watch it on the #steemit front end.

I did in fact have to watch it on Steemit. Why would Steempeak not work?

I found it quite compelling and interesting, but am very skeptical of the aliens talk. Not buying it.

I reckon we are competent to do what is needed, and until more than speculation, rumors, and blind faith back talk of aliens, I'll continue to ignore it.


Yes, I only shared it for the virus and Iran link, not the speculation (hence why I highlighted that there were aspects I didn't agree with) .. it's like any information, keep in the back of the mind what sticks and discard what doesn't. Indeed, we are drowning in a sea of information .. the skill comes from being able to sift through it and find some wheat amongst the chaff. The fact that ten years ago he discussed an attack on Iran (which may still have wider implications than we now realise) which would be followed by an engineered Coronavirus unleashed upon China .. is worthy of note, indeed at the end of the video, he stated they were going to make the Chinese government aware of the plan, which could also explain aspects of their response. Again, I'm certainly not saying that is the case and I'm not wedded to the idea .. but as this plays out it's something worth keeping in the back of the mind. Plus, to his credit, he did differentiate between his source and his personal conjecture .. i.e they can be viewed as separate entities .. pun intended. :) In terms of #steempeak it sometimes blocks videos from other regions, well it does for me anyway.

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