RobiniaSwap the new DeFi project with promising projection in the Crypto market

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The cryptocurrency market has been in constant motion these past two weeks, and I have been trying to adjust my long and short investments in order to reduce the risk of significant losses.

In this regard I must comment that within the projects where I have decided to invest in these two volatile weeks, the DeFi #RobiniaSwap platform is among the first decentralised exchanges where I decided to add liquidity through pooling and yield farming to earn a good portion of its native currency RBS.

At Robinia I can use my RBS tokens to bet and win other tokens and unlock exclusive features, and this is probably one of the biggest attractions that motivated me to invest in #RobiniaSwap.

Screenshot of: RobiniaSwap

The mission of the #RobiniaSwap platform is to expand the main user base of the project and add value to the existing user base, remember that #RobiniaSwap is one of the most recent DeFi projects to appear on the market, so participating in its beginnings gives us a greater chance of success and success in our investments.

RobiniaSwap farms incentivise users to provide liquidity for their trading peer by distributing RBS to their peer's LP Token holders.

As for the pairs or groups, they are a way of distributing your tokens to BSC users who bet on RBS to a certain group, in my case I keep a humble stake in the RBS-BUSD LP pair which generates a modest return every 24 hours.

To participate in #RobiniaSwap, you can go directly to their website and get in touch, and for information about their products and technology you can visit their social networks:


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