CCS CONTEST - my CITY (Ulsan in South Korea)

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Hey lovely Steemians!
I want to share my beautiful hometown for entering the CCS CONTEST.
Let me introduce my City which called Ulsan, beautiful landscape in south Korea.

Ulsan is South Korea's seventh-largest metropolitan city and located in the south-east of the country.
It has the world's largest automobile assembly plant.(Hyundai Motor Company which is famous for motor company in the world)

There are 12 tourist attractions in Ulsan.
Daewangam Park is one of the best spot for visit. The park has a walking trail that passes by a forest.
This park is located at the end of the southeastern most point facing the East Sea, home to Daewangam Rock that looks like a dragon rising up into the sky.
Daewangam Rock is a seaside spot located on the east coast. It is connected to the mainland with an iron bridge and has an observation tower.
I have visited the place for several times.(dawn/day-time/sunny/cloudy weather)

I hope you guys enjoy my shot. Thanks!






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Even I live in Korea, did not realize how beautiful Ulsan city.
Thank you for beautiful landscape picture and explain about your city.
Good luck!

Yeah, you're right, Ulsan is not only industrial city. If you have a chance to visit Ulsan, just hang around the city. hahahahah

Hey @yeyakang that is great that you are taking part in this contest. I am glad to see such beautiful images. Of course, my favourite is the first!

My best also same as you. hahahaha You have a good sense!! YAY!!! I've checked the CCS community, what an interesting it is! Thanks for your good advice!!


Thanks for your reply and opening the good event!

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Amazing...Someday I have to come to this place. And I will enjoy the amazing view with my family. Thank you for sharing

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Hello @yeyakang
The first picture is really beautiful. A wonderful sunset or a sunrise? Thank you for participating in our contest.

Thanks! The first shot is sunrise in the morning! Whoops! my English mistake! sorry! I am still poor at English!

 last year 

**Thank you for taking part in our contest** 🙂

Best Regards Camping Club Steemit Community on Steem
With that in mind, happy blogging

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Thank you for warmly welcoming me!

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