The Trekking sticks

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The trekking is an activity that allows you to enjoy nature in a responsible and safe way. By following established trails, we can appreciate the beauty of the planet without jeopardizing our integrity in the face of wild animals or dangerous terrain. It is an excellent way to connect with the natural environment, preserve it and enjoy its wonders.

In this publication I present the Trekking sticks, a support tool for trekking, with this stick we can reduce the impact on our knees, balance is also maintained if our backpack is very heavy, when I was much younger it was customary to make a stick support with a branch of a tree, so I get used to using them in all my walks to natural places.

The first trekking stick I bought broke at its base when going through a cobbled and muddy path. Due to my lack of experience in its use, I did not know that these sticks are not as strong as a solid wood stick. Although they are fragile for extreme terrain, they have many advantages since they are light and can be unfolded to store them in the backpack.

The images were designed by me with Illustrator and Photoshop, 5% of the collection of this post goes to social and humanitarian projects (@steemsos) and 10% to CCS (@campingclub).

This is 100% Original Content, say no to plagiarism

5% of the collection of this post goes to social and humanitarian projects (@steemsos) and 5% to CCS (@campingclub).

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