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Hello to everyone on this amazing platform. I am new to this Community and I count it a privilege to be here.

I love drawing a whole lot and I hope to learn a lot from everyone on this amazing platform.
Some of my work include the following



I am a Nigerian and a teacher by profession.
I have a wonderful family and it is worth y of mention that I am a believer and I belief so much in the gospel of Christ and his resurrection and that he is coming to take those who are is. I got to know about steemit platform through my sister @glotokens who talked to me and convinced me to join the platform and I can say without a doubt that I have learnt a lot from my little stay here on this amazing platform.

I hope to have an amazing time here..

 last month 

Hello @udygold, thank you for joining us and trusting our community, I hope you like it and you can share your work here.
I invite you to read the Rules of our community,
This is our contest this week. 1 2

  • Here is our link to Discord where you can chat with other users, clarify any questions and promote your publications.

Thanks so much @deisip67
I have just joined the discord channel.

 last month 

@udygold, es un gusto que estés con nosotros. Eres bienvenida.
Tu cuenta fue verificada

 last month

Welcome to the community, I leave you this link, so you can create quality content.

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