My introduction to DraftCrearte community

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Hello DraftCrearte members , I'm Vaishnav
@ruephoria is my username. I think you'll are tired of reading introduction posts. Lack of ability to entertain others is my greatest ability 😜. However let me tell myself,

I am from kerala, India and currently pursuing my MECHANICAL ENGINEERING graduation from one of the top colleges of India ie, College of engineering, Trivandrum.My family have 5 members ie, my parents , brother and a sister.

As you guys I like drawing and art stuffs. My hobbies are pencil, charcoal , pen drawing . Digital drawing and gaming .
Here below are my some previous works





Hope you liked it.By the way one thing I will assure you guys I will try my best to make different variety art works and you can find it in my account @ruephoria in future .
And thank you for checking my post , have a nice day👍🥰.

 2 years ago 

Bienvenido me encantas tus dibujos.Exitos.

Thank you very much

Que bueno
Bienvenida. Yo acabo de presentarme tambien

Thank you

 2 years ago 

Hello @ruephoria, thank you for joining us and trusting our community, I hope you like it and you can share your work here.
I invite you to read the Rules: Quality publication of our community,
These are our contests this week 1, 2

  • Here is our link to Discord where you can chat with other users, clarify any questions and promote your publications.

Thank you @deisip67

 2 years ago 

Bienvenido amigo, tus dibujos son hermosos.

Thank you very much @genesis171

 2 years ago 

@ruephoria, es un gusto que estés con nosotros. Eres bienvenido.
Tu cuenta fue verificada

Thank you very much

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