Creative Dynamics/ Week 3: Scraps of fabric. // #club5050- Official publication.

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Draftcrearte is recharged with new challenges and dynamics that you cannot miss. Do you want to know what it is about?...

These new dynamics that will take place in the community will have a different twist to what was being done in the weekly contests, we thought of innovating to continue developing the creativity of our members to the maximum.

Each week we will work with a particular material that will invite you to create and innovate. There will be no weekly publication limits, you can upload as many as you want with different projects.

Two of the best works will be chosen daily to be supported by booming and at the end of the contest, as usual, the 5 best works will be chosen.

Recurso 4sound.png

Create with scraps of fabric

This week we will work with scraps of cloth.

With scraps of cloth you can make beautiful creations, so you are invited to participate and launch your creativity without limitation....




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Please read the following rules carefully:

  1. To participate in this contest your account must be verified in our community.
  2. The title of the post should be: Creative Dynamics: Week3- Scraps of fabric. // by @youruser
  3. The Main image of your publication must be the photo of the Final Result of your work.
  4. Include the process by placing at least 4 PHOTOS + FINAL RESULT + SELFIE (You must use your "DraftCrearte" poster, with your username).
  5. Include the tags: #creativdmics-week3 #draftcrearte # creative #contest #steemexclusive
  6. Be sure to post your entry in the DraftCrearte community.
  7. You need to share your entry on social media by inviting other people to participate. It is necessary that you place the link that redirects them to the contest. Use the tags:
    #steemit #crearte #draftcrearte. Also, tag the @DraftCrearte account.
  8. Take a screenshot of your promotion on social media and post it in the comments of your post.
  9. Tag 3 Steemit users in the comments of this post, inviting them to the contest.
  10. It is necessary to give reestemd.
  11. Comment on the entries of the other participants.
  12. If any type of plagiarism is discovered, the user will be disqualified, and all future DraftCrearte contests.
  13. We accept entries in English and Spanish.
*Note:Se seleccionarán las mejores publicaciones diarias de usuarios que pertenezcan a alguno de los clubes Power Up Club5050 75% o 100%. *

Aspects to evaluate:

Originality-creativityPhoto quality-art presentationStep-to-stepComply with the rules
up to 3 pointsup to 2 pointsup to 2,5 pointsup to 1,5 pointsup to 1 points

Recurso 3sound.png

1st place🏆
2nd place🏅
3rd place🏅
4th place🏅
5th place🏅

This contest ends on Friday 08 11:59 pm (Venezuelan time) and the winners will be announced the following day, which will be chosen by a group of active members on our Discord channel.

We invite you to join our Discord


Are you new and would like to join the community? Visit the following post for more details.

El 10% de las recompensas de esta publicación van para @draftcrearte

Links to support our DraftCrearte community via SP.

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 2 years ago 

excelente concurso para dar vuelo a la imaginación, a ser creativos compartir las habilidades quiero invitar a concursar a mis amigas @celeni @onisune @yuraima28

Que hermosa te quedo tu obra.. me encanta debo hacer mi presentacion a la comunidad me encantan sus temáticas 🥰

Muy buena fuente de inspiración. invito a esta dinámica creativa a mis amig@s: @maria2715, @delcarmen910 y @eurikar.
Saludos (‘• ω • `) ノ

 2 years ago 

Buena opción para esta semana todos tenemos algo de tela por allí guardadito jejeje!!!! Espero poder dejar mi entrada!!!! Me gustaria ver que bellas creaciones hará mi amiga @andrea89 , @nurkia y @celeni 😊

Me encantan las manualidades y existe un sin fin de proyectos que podemos realizar con recortes de tela prepararé mi presentación.

 2 years ago 

Excelente!!! Me encanta ésta iniciativa 😊 veremos hermosas participaciones

 2 years ago 

Buena idea para el concurso siempre poniendo a prueba nuestro talento, me gusta mucho estaré participando
Quiero invitar a concursar a mis amigas @mcarol19 @andrea020 @yulimar19

¡Hola amiga!
Gracias por la invitación.
Saludos ヾ (^ ω ^ *)

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