DraftCrearte Art Contests | Season 01 / Week 01. Édouard Manet

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We thank everyone for participating and staying active in our weekly challenges.

This time we bring you a different contest where your imagination and literary skills will be put to the test.

We know that every day our Artists grow in knowledge and skills thanks to the different manual techniques that DraftCrearte presents as a challenge every week, it has been gratifying to see how they have overcome obstacles and achieve their learning objectives.

At DraftCrearte we want you to continue creating, we understand that you need materials to continue doing so, for this reason we launched a series of stage challenges with excellent rewards so that at the end of this contest you can obtain materials to work with.

The contest will last 5 weeks, divided into 2 stages.

Recurso 4sound.png

Competition rules

1st Stage: In this first stage, for 4 weeks a work by a famous artist will be chosen and one of his works will be chosen. From the image we select, each participant must make a personal interpretation of it, without any limitation, you can do it in any format: painting, writing, theater work, music, humorous interpretation or simply writing creatively what inspire the work. Any audio, video and written format is accepted.

During these 4 weeks 50 STEEM will be distributed as usual, 200 STEEM in total with 6 winners positions.

From this first stage, the first two positions of each week will be chosen to move on to the second stage. Bearing in mind that the winners of the 1st and 2nd place of the 1st week will not be able to continue participating during the following weeks. That is, all members can participate except those who have won 1st and 2nd place in the first stage.

2nd Stage: With a total of 8 winners from the first stage, who will compete in a final contest. Two winners will be chosen in this second stage, distributing 150 STEEM (each one will win 75 STEEM), prizes may increase later.

What is this 1st Contest about?

Recurso 4sound.png

Week 1 - DraftCrearte Contest

Make a personal interpretation of the following painting by the famous French painter Édouard Manet, without any limitation, you can do it in any format: painting, writing, theatrical work, song, humorous interpretation or simply writing creatively what inspires the work . Any audio, video and written format is accepted.

Title of the work: Claude Monet in his boat on the banks of the Seine.

Credits - Wikipedia | by Édouard Manet


Please read the following rules carefully:

  • To participate in this contest your account must be verified in our community.
  • The title of the post should be: DraftCrearte Art Contests [S1/W1]: Title of the project - by @youruser
    Note: change Title of the project to your own title.
  • If the entry is a story or writing, it must contain a minimum of 350 words. Using the main image of the contest.
  • If you make a work of art, include the process by placing at least 5 PHOTOS + FINAL RESULT + SELFIE (You must use your "DraftCrearte" poster, with your username). It must be accompanied by a 250 word interpretation
  • Include the tags: #contests1w1-draftcrearte #draftcrearte #contest #steemexclusive
  • Be sure to post your entry in the DraftCrearte community.
  • You need to share the message on social media with the tags:
    #steemit #crearte #draftcrearte. Also, tag the account DraftCrearte @draftcrearte
  • Take a screenshot of your promotion on social media and post it in the comments of your post.
  • Give this post Resteemd and invite 3 friends to participate, that do not belong to the DraftCrearte community.
  • Only one entry per user.
  • If any type of plagiarism is discovered, the user will be disqualified, and all future DraftCrearte contests.
  • We accept entries in English and Spanish.

Recurso 3sound.png

1st place🏆
2nd place🏅
3rd place🏅
4th place🏅
5th place🏅
6th place🏅

This contest ends on Sunday July 18, 1:00 pm (Venezuelan time) and the winners will be announced the next day.

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Thanks to our support curator @steemcurator01 we can perform this type of weekly challenges rewarding your creativity.


 3 years ago 

Excelente desafio..

 3 years ago 

Interesante concurso, desde ya me anoto, solo necesito un poquito de tiempo para organizar mis ideas para presentar un buen trabajo.

I'll participate Insha allah

 3 years ago 

woooo que bieeeen me encantaaa este tipo de concursos

 3 years ago 

Está increíble, así es nunca nos debemos limitar para hacer las cosas. Acá una muestra de que mientras mas creativos los retos mejor. ¡Veré que invento! jajaja

 3 years ago 

Wao interesante me encanta

 3 years ago 

Increíble concurso, espero que todos puedan participar.

muy bueno este concurso

 3 years ago 

Waaaoooo muy dinámico este concurso y muy creativo, nos pone a pensar mucho. Felicidades por esa gran creatividad de anunciar los concursos.

 3 years ago 

Excelente concurso. Un desafio super genial.

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