6.2KVA solar Inverter Installation for a client

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Another week with a great mission accomplished, taking advantage of the sun in a good way.

After the live Interview on AKBC 90.5 FM Uyo, last two weeks Sunday. I got an invitation from a friend in Owerri - Imo state, Nigeria to come and install 6.2KVA solar inverter at Federal polytechnic Nekede, Owerri

It was a big project and I didn't do it alone. I went there with few other installers.

Altogether we installed the following components...

Price per unit :

ItemPrice(Naira)Price (Steem)
6.2KVA Simbasolar hybrid Inverter1,600,0003,731
400 Watt Canadian panel150,000350
200Ah battery350,000816

Price per quantity

ComponentQuantityPrice (Naira)Price (Steem)
6.2KVA Simbasolar hybrid Inverter11,600,0003731
400 Watt Canadian81,200,0002800
200Ah battery82,800,0006528

However, they already got the components since last year. Unfortunately, they were disappointed by their former technician who was supposed to installed this as at early part of this year.

Concerning the prices, I think it was all good at those rate. If it were to be now they won't have it at such rate. Another thing that influenced their good rate was because they bought many other things, so those prices were subsidized.

Mounting of panels

I got there last week friday and I started the installation on Saturday 20th Apri, 2024. It was quit sunny that morning, but it was a promising day.

The weather was good for installation



I brought all the 8 panels from the parking store

I also got a suitable lader for this job

Installation of Inverter

Before we started this job, we had devision of labour. Two of my friends were to mount the solar panels on top of two storey building, while my job was to install the solar and finalize all the connections.

It got a little tense because of the hot weather, however, we were sure to enjoy the beauty of our work soon.




This was a 48V power source systerm. And this is a second time I am using a hybrid inverter. I would say, it's a kind of simple to install. No need to bother for a charge controller.

The whole installation took us like almost 9 hours, but at the end, everything was successful and working perfectly as it's supposed to.

This was done for a client last week. Yours could be next!

And now?

Do you wish to install solar in your home and don't know where to start? Are you contemplating of which size you could install in your home...?

Just contact me for a quotation.

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Dear Sir, I am very glad to see your 6.2 KVA Inverter, 400 W solar panel setup process. If the communication process is close to me, I would definitely participate in the commissioning work with you. I read your article about solar setup and prices. I have learned a lot about solar from you. I will occasionally disturb you with messages on Discord. Want to learn from you about my solar. After reading your post, I realized that I still have a lot to learn about solar. Good luck to you.

Thank you mahadisalim. I think the world of solar is vast. And as a matter of fact we both still have a lot to learn.

This was a project I handled for a client last week. And sure, I would be happy if you were close so that we could do this together.

Hopefully, in the future, we might handle one international project of solar installation.

Hola amigo!

Estas haciendo un buen trabajo, gracias a Dios el clima fue idóneo para la instalación que requerían hacer, estoy segura que ahora la energía solar será mejor aprovechada. Por cierto, felicidades por la nueva comunidad Solar Steem, deseo que tenga mucho éxito y pueda ser de mucho bienestar para todos en Steem

Dios te bendiga!
Saludos amigo

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