Fresh update on Spam/Plagiarism/ Alt accounts-- Date- 10/05/2021

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Here is a fresh update on alt accounts and plagiarism.

We have detected a few users running multiple/alt accounts & plagiarizing on Steem Blockchain. Based on the investigation using, and on the premise of timestamp, we have conclusive evidence against the following users.

UserPost linkDateCreated TimeEdited TimeRemarks
@ashishyadav92Link2021-05-0721:4321:45Both @ashishyadav92 & @yukti are apparently the same person running alt accounts
@unbrokenswordLink2021-05-055:5412:10Both @unbrokensword & @aamirbashirr are apparently the same person running alt accounts


Case 1 (@ashishyadav92/ @yukti)

Date- 2021-05-07, Timestamp- 21:43

screenshot - 2021-05-10T221819.823.png

screenshot - 2021-05-10T221913.589.png

Initially, @ashishyadav92 published a dairy post at 21:43 Hrs, and there he mentioned "This is yukti katiyar". At 21.45 Hrs he perhaps realized what went wrong, and then immediately edited the post.

Date- 2021-05-07, Timestamp- 21:47

screenshot - 2021-05-10T221954.446.png

On the same day, at 21:47 Hrs, @yukti published the same post which was earlier published by @ashishyadav92 at 21:43 Hrs.

Both are apparently the same person running alt accounts.

Case 2 (@unbrokensword/ @aamirbashirr)

Date- 2021-05-05, Timestamp- 05:54

screenshot - 2021-05-10T224939.936.png

screenshot - 2021-05-10T225017.565.png

Initially, @unbrokensword published the post in Steemit Crypto Academy at 05:54 Hrs. But later at 12:10 Hrs, he edited the post and removed the content.

Date- 2021-05-05, Timestamp- 20:44

screenshot - 2021-05-10T225114.492.png

On the same day at 20:44 Hrs, @aamirbashirr published the same content which was originally published(and removed) by @unbrokensword

Both are apparently the same person running alt accounts.


Plagiarism is an act of stealing the content of others and representing it as their own content and/or passing off content without acknowledgment of the real authorship.

Most of the plagiarists now have a very limited window(might be a costly affair as well) to spam/plagiarize in Steemit Crypto Academy with the introduction of new thresholds-- "min 50 reputations & min 100 SP".

So a few spammers/plagiarists are trying to run #betterlife content with multiple/alt accounts to disproportionately take advantage of the reward pool.

We have so far found the aforementioned conclusive evidence. We do cast our doubt on a few more, the investigation is still on, once we have credible evidence we will report it here.

Running alternate accounts for disproportionate monetary advantage is an egregious violation in Steem Blockchain and should be appropriately responded to.

We will keep fighting this good fight. The coordinated community effort will defeat such insidious acts.

Thank you.



Cc:- @endingplagiarism, @kiwi-crypto, @neerajkr03, @starlord28, @stream4u, @endplagiarism02


Good detective work.

Thank you

Аналогично и у меня такая возникла мысль!

 last year 

Thank you so much.

Thanks @sapwood. I have acquainted myself with the plagiarist.

 last year 

Thank you so much.

I introduced @unbrokensword to this platform as he is a friend of mine..what has happened is wrong and i accept it .as it is a mistake he made few days before and neither he nor i was expecting this.But if u think @aamirbashir @unbrokensword both accounts are run by the same person then Ban one account...

Actually he logged in his account in my device and due to lack of basic knowledge add a post of mine to his blog which then I deleted from his blog and upload it into my account later [email protected] was not plagiarism but was a mistake..

Hope you will understand prof @sapwood @neerajkr03 @endingplagiarism @starlord28 @stream4u @endplagiarism02

Apologies 🙏🙏🙏

I am not a spammer,a post of aamirbashirr was uploaded by me unintentionally which I deleted later on that is it..i am accepting my mistake and i hope this will this will not happen in future...
@sapwood @others

You are doing very well, by eliminating all plagiarism, Steemit will be clean from posts that do not meet the requirements .. thank you sir

You doing a Great Work. Dedicating your time to eliminate these kind of acounts. Kudos to you .

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