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RE: November's Community of the Month Applications - Episode II

@endingplagiarism Thank you for presenting the topic.

In fact there has been a small misunderstanding here. I have continued the new community, which one of the parties could not tolerate, they used their fake account to increase our fault and increased the Subscribe and Active Poster of our community. Which is not our job, and we continued to mute at our own risk the fake users we were deceived by. Check it out.

Another thing is, when I first started working at Steemit, I had no idea about Steemit, for which I was wrong at the time. But now I have been able to gain enough knowledge about Steemit. Now I always post Plagiarism free. You can check out my posts.

Since this is my own account, I want to continue working on this account. Now say what should I do?

@steemcurator01 sir I am waiting for your answer.


Don't come here to argue falsely. You were the owner of around the world community. 11 days ago in the same binance account only 4 steem around the world community account has been transferred And on the same day, steem has been transferred from your account. This is the proof And why have you ruined around the world community? Again you are coming to corruption by opening a new community.



Do unnecessary harassment by showing this nonsensical argument. First you know, then comment. This is a memo of a Steem Buyer, which is used by hundreds of users in Bangladesh to sell Steem Buy.

Transferred from two accounts at the same time on the same day. You use multiple accounts. I have given proof of that. You have owned a community before And he ruined it. I have given proof of it here. Outside of that I don’t want to talk anymore. Thanks

Stay away from your violence. Crazy one.

All evidence of irrationality. You have no qualifications to be a country representative. For a dishonest user country representative like you, more users in Bangladesh have to work in other communities.
@steemcurator01 sir I hope your steps, towards the Cr of Bangladesh. Steemit Bangladesh community Cr especially @toufiq777 he only supports his known users. For which all users in Bangladesh are forced to work in other communities. Bangladesh is using such cr steemit as its own.

You calling him dishonest?

Take a look in the mirror!

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Hope you saw it. That was because of my lack of knowledge about Steemit.

It's interesting that somebody defending the community upvoted this comment.

Whack jobs

Your upvote's gone 😢

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