💩 Why Is Steemcurator04 Upvoting This Crap?

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Whilst looking at some old content this evening, I made a discovery. Quite an odd one, and one that perhaps @oppongk can easily explain.


Has @oppongk had access to the @steemcurator04 keys? Does @oppongk still have access to these keys? Whether he did or still does or not, I don't know. Perhaps a question that @steemcurator01 or @steemitblog will be able to answer. That's a lot of questions already. So why am I asking these questions?

19 days ago, @steemcurator04 upvoted this (without leaving the "traditional" comment of who was upvoting it):


21 days ago, this (again, no message and to save me repeating myself, none of them had comments):


There are loads more posts like this. A photo. All of them upvoted by @steemcurator04. All of them crap. Were the curation accounts created to upvote crap? I doubt it.

If we go back a little further, we find plenty more like this one...


By plenty, I mean PLENTY.

All upvoted by bidbots, all upvoted by @steemcurator04. More crap. Lots of crap. So much crap. Upvoted by bidbots and @steemcurator04. Let me remember something somebody wrote recently...

Please make sure that you comply by these rules:

  • Eligible for club5050, club75 or club100.
  • Avoid Plagiarism
  • Use copyright free images.
  • Don't use bid-bots.
  • Write atleast 250 words if it's not an art post.
  • Post must be #steemexclusive
  • Use the correct tags assigned for each theme. Tag details are below.

Hang on, what's the 4th one? Oh, and the 5th one. I'm pretty sure the 1st rule's been broken too.

Perhaps they're new rules.

At this point in time, I don't even know if @oppongk has ever had the @steemcurator04 keys. But you know, jigsaw pieces...


I just know he's a country representative for Ghana. One who very recently was concerned about plagiarism and the volume of abuse on Steemit.

So, shall we do a deep dive into this particular user that's been upvoted so heavily - @martins-steem? Let's look at his top 3 upvoters...


Now how many of you can claim to have a steemcurator as a your biggest fan? How many of you have had such overwhelming support from a steemcurator account by posting crap photos? Anybody? No. Thought not. @steem-ghana seems to like him too.

So let's take a quick look at his wallet....


What do we make of this? Withdrawing to the same wallet address as oppongk (which isn't unusual, anna01, his wife is there too).

Good earnings from posting crap and receiving @steemcurator04 upvotes. Now the final piece of the puzzle that I can't find, can you help me? Does, or did, @oppongk have access to the @steemcurator04 keys? And have we bestowed the same privilege with the steemcurator relaunch?

Is @martins-steem another account for @oppongk? Are they related? Does it matter?

Would this be considered abuse of steemcurator privileges? Is this acceptable behaviour for a steemcurator? Admittedly, it's not the worse I've seen, but it looks wrong to me.

On a daily basis, we see users complaining that they don't receive support. That they look at the trending page, and crap is being upvoted by bidbots. What's the excuse for steemcurators to be upvoting the same crap that everybody is complaining about?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.




My Curation was much based on supporting club5050 and also quality posts.



Thank you for this post and this investigation.

A number of cases like this led us to move to the new Community Curator system.

@oppongk - would you like to give your response to this post?


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