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Welcome to the Official Blog of HeartChurch Ministry International.

1º Edition of the bloggers of the heart/by Heartchurch

Happy day to all the brothers and friends of HeartChurch, during the past week we were promoting the HeartContest, in order to unite the community in interaction and teamwork. Thanking in advance the curators @sniffnscurry, @booming04, @steemcurator01, for supporting our content.

We are very happy to announce the winners of the contest in this first stage, we base the results on design, quality, humanity, motivation and innovation. We believe that the word brings freedom, edifies the lives of many and that essence that we find in blogs It is very important in these times where solidarity and empathy must be at the forefront. It is important to thank and congratulate all those who participated in this first edition, we will have more opportunities.


We invite you to read once again these great articles, full of hope, motivation and faith in God, for whom nothing is impossible.

Author Blog


An overview of the contest we can say that HeartChurch is more than a writing, they are royal testimonies of lives that make a difference in a complex world where survival is a priority, quality of life and legacy is as important as the air we breathe, particularly our brother's blog @pelon53 speaks of a normal man with a call to love, to serve, working hand in hand with God and placing faith in the first instance, for all who read us today, let's take every example of life to be better Let's meditate that God is still the same and if he is capable of changing circumstances and empowering lives, being a Christian goes much further than writing a Bible verse, it is serving, loving, sharing.

@giacamila777, She is a very intelligent and talented young woman, she impressed us with her blog about the life project, here is a very important point for every human being, without a vision, a dream, a project we would never have the ability to successfully start the journey of life, she is focused on what she wants to build and so she captured it in this summarized writing, thank you pretty girl for those beautiful words.

@maxdevalue, definitely a charming blog where it reflects the essence of our community, what we are, the vision and the way it has impacted his life, a clear example of overcoming, perseverance and administration of the kingdom, we always hope to have men like this: worker, from Good heart and understanding of the word for these times, at HeartChurch we are proud to have members like this, thank you for your contribution throughout these years, everything is possible when you believe God.

The Prizes will be:

1.-The winner will receive a 30 steem Prize.

2.-The second place a Prize of 20 steem.

3.-The third Place, a Prize of 15 steem.

The main winner will also get in the following week 2 blogs with 100% complete curatorships (This must meet all the conditions of quality, spelling, aspect and grammar, in addition to the vision of the community)


Websites of Interest.

TLCC Consultants Pte. Ltd



Congratulations to the winners. I rejoice with you all.

Congratulations to all winners. Happy and blessed day for everyone. Cheers.

Guao una gran sorpresa. Sin duda alguna la honra y la gloria es para nuestro Señor. Una felicitaciones a todos los participantes y también a los otros dos ganadores. Que Dios continúe bendiciendo nuestras vidas. Una gran compromiso son esta comunidad heartchurch. Y gracias por su apoyo. Dios les guarde

Congratulations to all winners, more Grace and favor ahead

Congratulations to our dear winners, let's continue to do the Lord's work and his love will always be with us.

 last year 

Congratulations to our brothers! Many thanks to our supporters and curators. Bulk of thanks to Heartchurch management for organizing this lovely contest; capable of motivating, reviving, pruning, and binding us more together in the vineyard of the Lord.

Thanks to our mother Apostle D. You’re simply amazing, brave, loving and full of vigor.

May the Lord meet all parishioners at the point of our needs Amen.

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