Heart Farms Region #3 - Pelican Harbor ⛴️ Virtual Land Auction @ Friday 23 April 2021

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Howdy, Farmers! 🚜 Heart Church is sticking with their schedule of unveiling Region #3 this Friday, Pelican Harbor. As the developer of the Heart Farms system, I thought I would provide you a rundown of the upcoming auction.

This virtual land auction on the Telos Network blockchian is following special new bidding slots ⏰, so pay attention.

Pelican Harbor Virtual Land Auction


1x 15 Minute 🧨⛏️ Mineral Plot laa13,8,5

23rd April 2021 @ 15:45 UTC to 16:00 UTC

To start things with a bang, this exceptional mineral plot will be auctioned off first before all other bidding starts. It is given a window of 15 minutes for bidding to be resolved.

4x 15 Minute 🧨 Farming Plots

23rd April 2021 @ 16:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC


Starting at 16:00 UTC time this Friday, there will be one additional farming plot auctioned off every 15 minutes, for 1 hour (4 plots in total all at the bottom right of the map). This is to get things rolling in Pelican Harbor and keep the bids exciting.

4 Hour Coastline Auctions 🏖️

23rd April 2021 @ 16:00 UTC to 24th April 2021 @ 12:00


Starting at 16:00 UTC time this Friday, there will also begin Coastline Auctions traversing the Pelican Harbor coast, down toward the town of Pelican. These plots are on rotating timings, each being auctioned over a 4 hour span.

Cluster of 3 Day Auctions ⛰️

23rd April 2021 @ 16:00 UTC lasting 3 days


The bottom left of the map has a cluster of 3 day auction farm lands, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Cluster of Saturday 24th Auctions ⛰️

Check times on Saturday for this cluster


The center-left of the map has a cluster of lands auctioned off only on Saturday and into Sunday.

All Week Bidding on laa13,3,2 ⛏️

Running 26th April 2021 through 30th April 2021


laa13,3,2 is another special plot for mineral resources. If/when I am able to finish the deployment of mining for Heart Church, plots with Rank 5 minerals will fair nicely for mineral production.

Other Map Clusters!

Running 26th April 2021 through 29th April 2021


Happy hunting!


Heart Church owns and operates Heart Farms, I am just the guy behind on the scenes helping build it! Heart Farms operates by their Terms of Service Use crypto at your own risk I am not telling you what to do!


I feel a great love for this land Laa13

 3 years ago 

It's a good one, I like the flare you designed the map with.

How can i join?

 3 years ago 

Heart Church gathers in telegram here: https://t.me/steemchurch_telegram

Telos info is here: https://telos.net/

I wish I came earlier I would have bought it.

 3 years ago 

Some bidding still going on: https://farm.heart-church.org/live/?l=laa13

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