Help Build a Paradise /Heart Farms Pixel Art Contest on Steemit!

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Welcome to the Official Blog of HeartChurch Ministry International.


Happy and blessed day, starting the month of May with many surprises and good spirits for the entire HeartChurch community and friends of steemit, we have described the HeartFarms project on other occasions, which is in its first stage of land auction, soon to become a A very fun game with great purposes, where we can create our own paradise with sophisticated tools and available resources, we leave you a link from the last publication.

Meet HeartFarms - A Promised Land Of Endless Opportunities

However, we are an open community, grateful to all those who have accompanied us here, our wish is that each one can contribute an idea for the construction of this great territory made up of regions, which will undoubtedly be a reference in the world. of the games.


Do you consider yourself someone creative in the PixelArt field? Participate and show your skills!

Competition Details

Submit a pixel art original work of your own creation and be judged, we will award prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


A farming theme pixel art creation, color or monotone is acceptable.


Submit a .png file as a reply to this post.
Acceptable sizes: 32 x 32 pixels, 64 x 64 pixels, 128 x 128 pixels

Please scale-up your image to make it bigger so we can see, without “Interpolation” so to preserve the quality of your pixel art (so there is no blurring.)

Please submit by 12 May 2021, posting before 12:00 UTC time.

PixelArt HeartFarms is a Contest organized by HeartChurch, in which all those bloggers who are members of the Steemit platform in general participate and who, complying with the requirements of the contest rules, will be eligible for different prizes.

The winner CAN BE YOU.



Each of the drawings or blogs will be evaluated with scores according to the contest rules.

The prizes will be:

1.-The winner received a prize of 20 steem. And a plot in Sapphire Island


2.-Second place a prize of 15 steem. And a plot in Sapphire Island


3.-Third place, 10 steem prize and a piece of land on Sapphire Island


The main winner will also get special curation on the contest blog (This must meet the conditions of quality, spelling, appearance and grammar, in addition to the vision of the community)

The idea is to make known and promote the talents of artists who write in the community to encourage teamwork, experiment and learn about their ideas and be able to unify design criteria in a world where we all fit.

The HeartFarms Best PixelArt Awards are characterized by rigor, transparency, quality and the value it brings to the community and the platform in general.

The jury will choose the finalists taking into account their own criteria and also the following characteristics in no order of preference:

1.-Quality of the contributions.
2.-Originality and creativity
4.-Community created on the blog.

Based on this individual analysis, the jury will select the best designs.

Highlighting the jury director, PixelArt expert @crypto-investor

8.-The content must be innovative and oriented to the general vision of the community. (Activities related to HeartFarms)

9.-It must be shared on some of your social networks and share the link as a comment.

10.-Give resteem and comment.

11.-Minimum number of participants: 15

12.-You must place the tag #pixelartcontest, #steemexclusive.


HeartChurch reserves the right to expel any of the blogs for breach of the rules at the time of the contest that it deems appropriate.The organization reserves the right to change the phase calendar.

The invitation is extended to all the communities that make life in Steemit and its users, those who have a talent for design in Pixelart can participate freely and voluntarily.

Let's just imagine, what we could build if a land outside of ours ... would call it paradise ... previously you know, their idea of ​​Paradise in what they build. If it is an imaginary place, and therefore obeys an Idea, its formalization is the ideal aspiration of the architect. With diverse efficiency, each of our works is frustrating however that generic ambition. It always remains, however, as possibility, getting it.

This is the opportunity build your desired land where milk and honey flow.


Special Thanks @sniffnscurry @steemcurator01, and @booming for their support of the HeartChurch Community.

Our greatest wish is that the majority of the people involved in the technological platforms, social networks, friends, family, churches, ministries or anyone can join this life project, it will surely be a great adventure, we place information available in the informative channels , so you can also visit the latest videos on youtube , visit the channel Goldsmith Money


Websites of Interest.

TLCC Consultants Pte. Ltd


This post was written for HeartChurch by @darlenys01


 2 years ago 

Excelente idea, apoyo con resteem, publicado en mi Twitter
también en Discord TelosNow y Telos.

Great, it's good to see the beautiful designs made by the members themselves. I already hope to send mine. HeartFarms is great !!!

En mi corazón estaba anhelando esto. Se que tendremos excelentes resultados!

 2 years ago 

Es momento para promover en otros escenarios...

Esto está geniaaaal, ya había hecho dos dibujos antes para apoyar pero espero que el tercero me pueda quedar mejor y pueda ganar alguito, excelente iniciativa!

 2 years ago 

Looking forward to your submission!

 2 years ago 

Hoping to see your pixel art submission if you have. We need more applicants! :D Can hold things open a few days because we have so few people who submitted.

Heeey are you still open to receive participations? Due to university issues I had not been able to participate but I have already made an entry. Anyway I will publish it in case it could be a blessing for the project, greetings!

I have already confirmed that I arrived too late :(

Lovely contest, its good to see people get their designs done on their and a big thank you to @steemchurch, for this opportunity for members of this great community to be creative.

great I love it, it's an excellent idea.

Nice contest, to those of us who ain't good with art we will support others

A great opportunity to showcase talents in heartchurch, thank you for the contest

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