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Welcome to the Official Blog of HeartChurch Ministry International.

Happy Sunday everyone, today we want to share and Update the different activities that the community will focus on in the coming months.

Design Based on the Representation of Heart in the World

An important time has passed since we decided to come together as a community, in fact before the communities were captured on the platform, we HeartChurch had already taken giant steps in adopting teamwork, however in the last year due to the situations we put a pause in its development and contribution, but the time has come for the most important community work and that is to: Promote the use of our "Heart" blessing called the coin of freedom and faith.

Every day people join the community, write blogs and we are really grateful for their contribution and we have been delighted with the life experiences of each one, the interpretation of the word has been fabulous, but our mission and vision goes further, we are called to empower each individual of faith by offering technological tools for personal growth and that this reach their community, we would be talking about a lifestyle based on the application of techniques, experiences and knowledge that help us to strengthen the economic, productive model and social of the families of the world.


To make this possible, our Heart token has arrived, which we will strengthen over the days through community teamwork. One of the important things that we will be offering as an organized community is membership.


1.-The first thing is to know that the commitment we have is with God, it is not with man that voluntary work should be part of the member's disposition, not everything is the economic benefits.

2.-Respect the rules defined by the general management and communicate any questions through the available channels.

3.-Be realistic, respectful and do activities that are reflected in the community plan at the time.

4.-Get involved. For a community to thrive, its members have to do things together. Community spirit is built on participation.

5.-Have a plan in your community, family and staff to be developed.

Every week we will be offering membership, for this we will take into account the daily interactive behavior and the contribution to the community.

Members must participate in daily activities, in this case:

  • Use your publications to promote the mission and vision of the community.
  • Participate in @dailytelos and share its contents on your blog, if you wish.
  • Be attentive to any call to action for the promotion of Heart.
  • Help new users.


I will be naming five members who are part of the executive committee of the community in the coming months and who are willing to work for its growth, these people who are interested should channel the information with @darlenysugas through the telegram channel.


We are very grateful for the support we receive daily from the Steemit management through the @booming account and we will also generate content to promote this platform where we were born and share experiences daily.
Another support that has always been on our side is that of @sniffnscurry.

The voting system will be directed to the members of the community only, those people who meet the basic requirements, the publications must be of quality, zero plagiarism, references if they have them.

These changes will be applied in the next two weeks, in this way the corresponding adjustments will be made.








This update is timely to keep the vision alive. Any God ordained vision will always trive and the fire cannot extinguished. The project is also loudable and shall be supported and encouraged. God bless you dear sister.

 9 months ago 

Congratulations on such a dedicated community. Proud to be a member of Jesus's church! Looking forward to projects ahead.

Saludos, muy buena iniciativa, estoy dispuesto a colaborar en todo lo que sea posible, para que esta comunidad crezca y se fortalezca y seamos de bendición en nuestro entorno donde vivimos. Gracias por el apoyo y estar atentos en esta comunidad. Dios les bendiga grendemente

 9 months ago 

a call to action!

• Use your publications to promote the mission and vision of the community.

• Participate in @dailytelos and share its contents on your blog, if you wish.

• Be attentive to any call to action for the promotion of Heart.

• Help new users.

Thanks Apostle Darlenys for this update and a reminder. Looking forward for the listing of the executive committee.

The Lord will continue to guide our path unto perfection.


Blessings to all. Thanks for the update. We will continue working as a team as usual. Important apostle initiatory @darlenys01.

Thank you apostle for such important information. We will wait for the next guidelines. May God continue to abound with grace and wisdom.

My church is more beautiful and organized every day!

Blessings of the Lord Jesus be on all the psrishioners. I am excited for this update and I am trusting God that he would help the @heartchurch to continue to grow from glory to glory.

I have loved this new challenge that is posed to the HeartChurch Community, only with the commitment and teamwork the work of our Lord will be promoted, our community has in its favor the Heart token framed in the technological world and the new paradigms of society, towards the common good and the brotherhood of peoples. Congratulations sister Darlenys.

Initially, when I saw this update on the telegram group, what came into my mind was, what is needed from someone to be a Heartchurch member, coming to this article, I got an answer and it is just a simple thing that we all do every day, just that we all need to step up our game.

Heartchurch has been a place of encouragement for so many of us who lost hope of getting a place in Steemit, so we are in full support of this post and in it together. We remain together with Heartchurch our first family.

This is a nice update and my question here is, how does one participate in daily telos activities? I have uploaded it so many times on my laptop that I can't count but I still do not understand where and where to go because it is looking really confusing for me.

Que el señor bendiga esta comunidad, @HeartChurch viene a ser ese lugar donde muchos de nosotros que no encontrabamos un lugar donde compartir la palabra de Dios, nuestras experiencias. por eso cuando la encontre comence a compartir el mensaje. les apoyo totalmente, Bendiciones para todos

I am sure that this initiative that began around 3 years ago today has been renewed and relaunched in the efficient and creative hands of our Apostol Leader Darlenys.

I always thought that when it came time to join a new platform migration was going to be a little traumatic, but I am pleasantly surprised at the way it is being done, working hand in hand with the new ones and not leaving only those who are already in the community but need to adapt to the changes that have already begun.

Always good to re-communite the vision and mission of a community to accelerate growth.

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