A New Region Has Arrived: "White Rock Ranges"

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Welcome to the Official Blog of HeartChurch Ministry International.


Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas, making the official release of the new HeartFarms Region, "White Rock Ranges", we share the details below:

White Rock Ranges



White Rock Ranges is now released with auctions first starting on 14th December 2021, and has rotating auctions happening on a weekly basis lasting until 15th January 2022.

Special Auctions / Areas

There are some special areas for auction, check out these plots:

5 Minerals: https://hf.heart-church.org/share/?l=laa52&p=8,4
5 Minerals: https://hf.heart-church.org/share/?l=laa52&p=2,5
5 Water: https://hf.heart-church.org/share/?l=laa52&p=7,3
5 Water: https://hf.heart-church.org/share/?l=laa52&p=6,4

Special Plot Adjacent to Town and Hot Springs



Areas for Sale


"Now we are promoting through HeartFarms, a virtual land auction system that will soon become a game, we expect great social participation from all regions of the world, where the family can participate in a fun, educational environment, laying the foundations For a new economy and development of social projects that improve the quality of life of crowds, we can all participate in what we call a "Purpose Game",allowing a freedom of action, naturalness and a pleasure rarely found in other activities, it offers a great advantage of excellent opportunities for physical, intellectual, social and emotional development."

We remind the members of our community that we are carrying out our Campaign, Christmas Solidarity, in the same way we invite them to participate in the Heart Farms auction and in dailytelos, all the information is available in the blogs.
We will be supporting all those people who wish to be part of the community activities during this month.

You can read the latest HeartChurch Update at the following link:

4th Anniversary HeartChurch

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4 years well done on that

 2 years ago 


EDX Studios releases first NFT set. Check it out at AreaX

 2 years ago 

I witnessed all these amazing achievements from HeartChurch International Ministry.

I’m a farmer; it’s time to acquire more plots from White Rock Ranges.

Thanks for announcing this Apostle @darlenys01

4 resourceful years. Worth celebrating.
Oya! Celebration jubilation altogether. Jesus is Lord forever.




 2 years ago 

Love you guys! Thanks for the community support.

Lets get digging on this new intiative

My name is Octie🐙, and I love NFTs so much!
Every day, I crawl out of a cozy cave and sift through the shallows in search of something new👀
The lagoon 🏖 I live in is called OctoGamex. All our residents are welcome and just obsessed with DeFi and GameFi products.

👋Be my guest if you're crazy about the NFT ecosystem too!

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