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Welcome to the HeartChurch Venezuela Blog

For three years a Project of Community kitchens has been developing in Venezuela, Bread From Heaven, which began with the support of sponsors, each month and year it has grown and today we have been able to take advantage of resources to support housewives and create a self-sustaining economic environment, therefore, we have started the creation of a mini Poultry Farm, we are buying baby chickens, until they are ready to be consumed and marketed, if you want to read more you can visit the blog:

Opening of a Mini Poultry Farm

We are in an early phase of the project but with excellent results, supporting a family from a community who are in charge of this pilot test, and not only have we adopted poultry development as a sustainability mechanism, but we have also created a textile workshop For mothers where ecological garments and all kinds of services can be made, the vision is to contribute to community social development and individual empowerment.

Chickens, fabrics and supplies are bought every two weeks to develop each assigned task, as part of our contribution to the Steemit platform, we want to give credit to the support of HeartChurch and all the people who have helped these ideas to materialize each day, and from our facilities we design what will be the promotional shirts for Chicken Farms, the girls in charge of supervising this project have a beautiful task ahead: @xioran, @ricci01, @mariela, @jorgelis23 under the direction of @darlenys01.


“The Project is designed with an orientation of global vision and local action, socio-productive and developed in a virtual and real way. That is, technological support is added for a task in the physical world, with a state or national scope, and as a showcase that allows to show as an example to other regions the potentialities that communities have within the production process to achieve food sovereignty ."


One of our hopes is to share step by step the achievements that we are obtaining with community work, we began the design and manufacture of the shirt for the mini farm with the support of the platform, we believe that as time passes a lot will be added to this shirt throughout the world to consolidate unique sustainability projects of foundations that can generate their own resources.



In this way, our promoters were ready to start the activities of the farm, among them are:


1.-Buy all the necessary supplies, food, vitamins.
2.-Make agreements with community merchants.
3.-Supervise and monitor the place where chickens grow up.
4.-Preparation of budgets.
5.-General administration.
6.-Supply of the Bread From Heaven dining rooms.
7.- Promote the project and contact sponsors.

Mrs. Militza Cedeño, who is in charge of the first Mini Community Farm, already has her promotional shirt, and on the eve of the celebration of Mother's Day, we congratulate all those brave and fighter women from Venezuela and the world who give their all every day for making people happy, thank God for the lives of women.


Thanks to everyone who supports our community:

Long live the children, long live peace.

Written by @ricci01 for @sc-v, Images owned by HeartChurch Venezuela.



Great initiative. Kudos,

Beautiful, God bless the projects in Venezuela.!!

This is a practical example of how to be self sufficient and be financially independent.
I admire this project and my mind is on it. You are my inspiration in this and I dream it.
I Pray God for your increase. Amen!

I want to buy some if your good

Am in Nigeria . How can I get them!

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