¡Show your wounds to God!

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Show your wounds to God

God is the only one who can heal you, bless you and teach you to be a blessing to other people who also need what you received since the bible says "give thanks for what you have received"

No one in this world can heal the internal wounds that we carry inside and it is obvious that people cannot see it, only God can look at it because he is the only one who knows our hearts and sees what is inside.

friend and friend; there is no pain or sadness that our God cannot heal, he brings comfort to the weary and peace to the afflicted soul


However, in order to be healed by God, we must recognize that we are wounded and that we need to heal those wounds that disturb our lives and do not allow us to advance spiritually. What should we do? We must show our wounds to God, why? Could it be that God does not know what we are going through? Of course, he knows perfectly well what we are going through, but we must confess with our mouths and be honest with God to ask for mercy and act in our favor.

Remember that when we get physically sick we go to the doctor, likewise when we feel sick in the soul, wounded, sad, troubled, disappointed and even depressed, we must seek God's help, who is the only one who can heal the wounds of the soul.

It is for this reason that we must show our wounds to God so that his grace reaches us and we can receive times of refreshment from him and his goodness can heal our wounds because humanly we can receive some help but never be able to receive what only God is capable of giving.

Are you disappointed, anxious, hurt, troubled, angry...? come to Jesus Christ and give him your heart let him work in you and you will see that you will receive consolation from God


amén .estoy seguro de eso. e. los momentos mas oscuros qje he teneido Dios ha sido mi refugio...

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