Are you really like a planted tree?

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Psalms 1: 3
It will be like a tree planted by streams,
That bears fruit in its time,
And its leaf does not fall;
And whatever he does shall prosper.


For example, every day I seek to have an intimate communion with God through reading and studying his sacred scriptures, praying and asking him for direction about his plans for my life and my family. I propose every day to trust in his glorious power more than in how much or how little I can have materially, understanding that the material is simply temporary but He is Eternal, especially because I understood and I am sure that He fulfills His promises, that everything He promised he will keep it. Just as there is a beautiful promise of Psalm 1; 3

Simply what makes you a strong tree next to streams; It is the word of God, that is why you must search it every day so that your mind can be renewed and understand the purpose for which you are living in a land so full of many wonders but also of many complications that with our human mind we cannot understand. you must walk in the word of God and it is not very easy either but for God there is nothing impossible, you only have to ask God for wisdom and he will give it to you in abundance so that you can defend yourself against the attacks of the evil one who does not stop stalking to make us deviate from God's plans. but if you become that strong tree that speaks psalm 1; 3 you will bear fruit and you will not fail but everything you do will prosper.



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