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Lately I have had some difficulties with fatigue, maybe a lot of things to do at home, there is always a lot of work.

I feel happy because I have been working on the Laa23 map, which is a beautiful place, with some river, ocean water and some forests and mountains.

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Laa23: a good number, it reminds me when I was 23 years old, hahaha I think that from that year I wanted to live alone and start a new life. that's why I think this paradise laa23 is a beginning for a new game. thanks to the beautiful Apostle Darlenys, @darlenys01, who makes this possible and to very good friend Ted the genius programmer.


It is not finished, it may go through some modifications from the expert Ted @crypto-investor

Reading the beautiful words of the Apostle @darlenys; We are truly at the gates of a virtual paradise on the blockchain, I can't wait to be able to build in some region and be the farmer of a beautiful land.

Today after a long afternoon working on other things, I was able to sit down to program the laa23 map, with a huge cup of hot coffee, and I couldn't miss some music. Sometimes I work with music, I think it's something that relaxes me.

   A very wise person told me to work on whatever it is, but have fun in the process.


Ufsss, I was wrong again for the seventh time. I'm not good at some things, I do what I can. I don't have the brilliant mind of some I know; Those who started this beautiful game if they are very bright, I admire them very much, but I will keep trying.

So I took a notebook and wrote down the things that I always forget.

Ufsss wait a bit, I went for more coffee. Sorry, I really like coffee, I know I should give it up for a while, but what can I do? I went for more coffee. and put the notebook next to me. LOL. my mind is not that of a young man, I am already old. But I kept trying and I succeeded. It must go through the quality control of the experts in the following days.



Greetings to all my people! to take good care of yourself. we are still in full battle.

 3 years ago (edited)

Good job thinking of all those rules. Quite a lot to remember. :D

Thanks My brother

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