Don't live a lie. "If you live a life of impression, you will die of depression"

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I read an amusing story adapted from the incomplete Book of Failures. And it went thus, "A skinny Italian man asked an English lady out. After wining and dining, they took to the floor.

While dancing, the man slumped and died. Doctors discovered he was wearing nothing less than seventeen wool sweaters to make him look heftier in a bid to make-up for his slim stature".

That poor Italian dug his grave by trying to be who he wasn't in order to please a lady. Ridiculous isn't it?

The life of pretense and hypocrisy is a dominant life style among men and women. People engage in it for a good number of unreasonable reasons. please take note: there is no justifiable reason for hypocrisy. It is a life of bondage. Even God abhors this life of falsehood. He said to Moses "I am that I am". Nothing more, nothing less.

It's pathetic to see people shy away from being themselves. "True freedom is the freedom to be who we are", said T. D Jakes. Don't let the fear of being rejected or any other fear lure you into the prison of hypocritical living.

Friends, the world has become a stage where we watch a lot of sordid drama sketches like a boy spending his fees on improving the wardrobe of his girlfriend; a man purchasing a jeep on credit and begging for money to fuel it just because he wants to feign prestige; a beautiful girl selling her body to purchase clothes for her body.

There are many other humorous (but sobering) acts. My blame for pretenders has bounds because I am aware that the world's system now rates reputation above character. Consequently, mankind (and 'womankind') unrepentantly executes anything and everything to posses an exotic reputation.

You will agree with me that many broken relationships stem from insincerity, falsehood and pretense. It's so saddening to realize that the angel you were courting is actually a demon in marriage! Courtship has now become a period of presenting edited versions of personality. What a life?

My first counsel goes to those living in pretense. Jesus submitted, "there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed". Don't put your self under the pressure of living a lie.

To the victims of insincerity, I say be more vigilant.

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