Participate in Daily Telos and stand a chance of winning Lollipop my Ethereum NFT

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It is very important to keep a record of events, thoughts, feelings, etc., on a daily basis. The book where this records are kept is known as Diary. The use of diary became popular in the 18th century and it has helped a lot of people in different ways.

The book called diary where records are kept can be lost or destroyed. This problem is solved by Daily Telos, a blockchain based diary. So, there is now a blockchain based diary called Daily Telos where you can keep your daily record of events, thoughts, feelings, etc.

For all participants of daily Telos, there is a chance to win some rewards at the end of the month if your entries are selected as one of the best entries for the month.

In this month of February, 2 Lollipop my Ethereum NFTs, one each to the best 2 Daily Telos diaries, based on substance, style and quality will be giving out to 2 winners.


Lollipop my Ethereum is perhaps the AreaX most successful selling digital art set to date – with all 10 selling out within hours.

I am happy to inform you all that I am one of the 7 winners for the month of January and we were all rewarded with 400 TLOS each.


Below is the prove of the 400 TLOS received from the himself.

Check out the tutorial on how to participate in the Daily Telos here:

Also visit the Landing page of Heartchurch at:

To participate in Daily Telos, click on this link:

To interact with people of like mind in Heartchurch and daily Telos community, join these telegram channels:

I want to specially thank for giving us this great too. I also thank him for the gift I received as one of the January winners.

Thanks for Dropping By !

Best regards


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