Ignore the gossip

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1 Mary and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Cushite woman he had taken; because he had taken a Cushite woman. 2And they said, Has the Lord spoken only through Moses? Hasn't he also spoken for us? And Jehovah heard it. Numbers 12: 1-2 KJV

There are unhealthy conversations that aim to destroy a person's reputation and morale. Those who gossip are usually people who have a bad image of themselves.

Gossip separates good friends. Being aware of someone else's life and not yours, of course, is detrimental. We cannot always live off what others do and not see what we do.

The Bible teaches us not to interfere in the lives of others so that we do not suffer God's divine judgment. It is dangerous to unleash the small organ in the mouth, which is our tongue, which can set fire to an entire city, and if possible the entire universe.

Mary and Haron, were brothers of Moses, who spoke and murmured about an action that Moses had done, which for them was wrong. The truth is that they spoke badly of their own brother, which did not please God and this had very serious consequences on them.

When we get into the private life of a person and dismember him, sooner or later, judgment will come about this bad action. To make bad comments about someone is to try to hurt that person.

Haron and Mary not only criticized Moses' behavior, but also questioned God's decision to appoint Moses as the leader of the people of Israel.

The Bible teaches that this evil act of murmuring by Mary and Haron cost Mary her health, which was affected by a leprosy that God allowed to come over her entire body.

Moses really ignored all this gossip environment of his brothers and preferred that God be the one to judge in the midst of all of them. Moses was a man with a lot of intimacy with God and he was not going to discuss with his brothers the perverse reasons why they criticized him. Moses preferred that God be the one to put things in their place.

Gossip brings conflict, discord, and separation. Moses was so clever that he preferred that God take control of everything and punish the murmurers.

Ignoring gossip seems very difficult, but trusting that God at any moment comes to our defense, we cannot ignore him.
If you are being the victim of a gossip that tries to devour your reputation, do what Moses did, leave everything in the hands of God and then you will enjoy divine justice.

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