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Joy is a healthy and refreshing emotion that beautifies the face, illuminates it and can even make you cry with joy.
The Lord commands us to always be joyful. If God says so, it is because he knows very well the benefits of always being happy.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks to God in every situation, because this is his will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18

The apostle Paul shows us that God's will is that there be constant and permanent joy in us. However, you, dear reader, might well ask, How can we always be joyful in the midst of so many calamities? Perhaps you are right, but the promises of God are so firm and real that the Lord commands us to remain joyful, because He keeps what He promises. God says that he is our refuge and strength in tribulations.

If this word is a promise from God, then it should produce in each believer joy and overflowing confidence that God will do as He has promised.

The Lord also tells us that we must have great joy when we are in trials, which seems somewhat illogical, however, it comes from the mouth of God and we have to believe that God gives us joy in tribulations.

Take great joy, my brothers, that you find yourselves in various trials. James 1: 2

Remember well, that this word is not for people who do not know about God, but for you and me who are Christians and we must trust that what God says is the great truth.

In trials and adversities, the world complains and laments, yet the Christian people must have great joy and trust that God will act for us in the midst of difficulties in order to give us victory and remain in overflowing joy.

If we start to see all the negative things that shake the world such as wars, diseases, hunger, unemployment, plagues, domestic violence and other negative factors in life; surely we will not find joy in these things.
In God is the source of joy and only in Him will we find abundant happiness. God loves us so much that he has given us his joy through the fruit of the Holy Spirit, which the Lord poured into our hearts.

We must trust God and believe that only in Him will we find joy for our lives. The joy of the Lord is our strength, for which, in the midst of struggles and trials, the Lord is our contentment and helper in trouble.

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