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To God, who gave wisdom to the human being and gave us the ability to create through science and technology tools for the growth and strengthening of our nature, being partakers of the common good, for him we are here today.


Steemchurch International Ministry, is the first blockchain church, created to impact the world. It is a large community that has established itself in countries such as Venezuela, Nigeria, Ghana and the Philippines, promoting educational social projects through Christian values, its slogan "Crusade for Freedom".
Learn more about our vision here

We appreciate the opportunity to Steemit, inc, to publicize our life project, and in turn officially request a Steem Power delegation in the form: Mid – Tier: 500,000 SP. Delegation request

We have been working hard in the development of solid communities, our main focus is on social marketing, creating educational projects in various areas: nutrition, agriculture, promotion of blockchain technology, etc., having the conviction that the greatest strength of a technological platform It is humanization, in it the value of what we expect is added, if what we are capturing we take to a real level, it will be easier to create a genuine environment, with a high impact of fidelity and growth.

All our efforts are based on empowering men and women to work their own destiny, and use the blockchain as a technology with purpose, we are not a foundation, an ONG or a charity, we are a team of professionals with Christian values aimed at satisfying spiritual and physical needs through knowledge, solidarity and love. Today our community has expanded to the Telos, blockchain a platform capable of facilitating trade, banking, and logistics.

Every day we enter people in these blockchain, with the purpose of creating an infrastructure where our followers can be benefited. Currently the ascension of our name token has begun; Beatitude, symbol: Heart, is a standard token built in Blockchain: Telos (TLOS) its main feature is that it has its own UBI (Universal Basic Income) implementation.
Visite el whitepaper de Beatitud:

Project Information

Company name: Steemchurch Ministerio Internacional.
See structural organization chart
Place of Incorporation: Venezuela, Nigeria
Token name (if applicable): Name: Beatitude Symbol: HEART.
Token Type (ERC20, Steem-Engine, etc.): Blockchain: Telos (TLOS),UBI (Universal Basic Income),Contract: revelation21.


What problem is the product / project solving?
1.-Promote the financial and spiritual freedom of the masses.
2.-Promote blockchain technology in countries, communities and parishes.
3.-Formation of community leaders that can generate a positive change in their locality.
4.-Permanent social development, strengthening families.
5.-Application and development of social marketing.
6.-Application of comprehensive social project "BREAD FROM HEAVEN" in order to combat a scourge of hunger worldwide, you can read the latest blogs in:

Bread from heaven

Core Team Details

Steemchurch was founded by @sirknight who is the general administrator, in each parish there is a representative and this in turn has a work team with several skills and specialties: programmers, designers, social workers, doctors, analysts, software engineers, telecommunications , educators etc.

The current representation of Steemchurch is in charge of Darlenys Romero (@darlenys01)

Darlenys is a systems engineer, has had a great participation in social projects, from an early age she obtained her undergraduate (21 years) later specializing in Computer Networks through the prestigious Cisco Network Academy, obtained a training in project planning, marketing, strategic planning, and administration of computer systems, she has worked as an advisor for undergraduate work, a classroom teacher at the university level, was a Technologist in the Migration and Foreigner Administration System (SAIME) of her country, managing servers with the identification data National, promoted child identification in rural communities, with community work, his last position in this institution was as Manager of the Maritime port, ensuring the entry and exit of crew members to the national territory, taking control of hotels at the regional level. In the control and execution of large engineering projects with the oil company, such as: the mist entry project to the Axial compressor to improve turbine performance through a reverse osmosis plant to extract the gas.

One of his most relevant works was as Computer and Systems Manager in the Ministry of Education, since he was recognized through a reengineering project of the technological platform and the inclusion in the management of free software in the national Education system . Case mentioned in press release Estatal of Venezuela.

you can visit his profile on linkedin:

Minimum Viable Product

Our MVP is growing and improving through social participation, the HEART token is the engine that will drive the blessings of communities, our approach: social marketing to empower the masses at various educational levels, is an intangible benefit that will translate in a short time in tangible benefits looking for efficiency under the methodology: create-measure-learn, the action in physical spaces will allow us to obtain fast and reliable results. With social assistance actions, brand we will have the opportunity to reach a greater number of people.

The emotional connection is one of the objectives most pursued by a community, since having it will make its user and company relationship, transform into a more solid link, which also has positive repercussions on the level of trust and credibility.

By having an emotional bond, the user also becomes part of the solution to a problem and an ally of the platform with a common purpose.Social marketing

Business Strategy

Fiat Revenue Strategy: Steemchurch plans to create local exchange houses in communities such as Venezuela, Nigeria, Ghana through which we will make a profit, also income through a donation system.Project financing through proposals in other cryptocurrencies.
Fiat Revenue Projections in $/user every month:We do not have a fixed projection of fiat revenues per month, since these depend on the activation of users, external allies.

How will this increase the amount of STEEM being powered up?

Steemchurch, will buy steem of the profits obtained, and our operating and marketing expenses will mostly come from external platforms such as Telos blockchain, it is also necessary to increase our Steem power to maintain the development of communities: @sc-v, @sc-n, @sc-philippines, @sc-g and the @farms project. Also the distribution of rewards system and alternate tokens, which is aimed at strengthening each member of the Steemchurch communities, these in turn can transform their earnings into Steem Power.

What financial incentives are you willing to provide to Steemit, Inc.?

Through our social marketing initiative we will expose Steemit in the world viewer as the most impressive social network, with a generation of high impact content, and with a real-world implementation like no other. We hope that this approach to comprehensive education and social projection will attract the attention of investors and people to interact with the platform, taking it to higher levels of credibility and trust. In addition, we could establish 20% of the rewards obtained during the delegation process.

How will it be financially sustainable once the delegation is eliminated?

Steemchurch has been sustainable since its creation, we have advanced in the creation of communities and active users maintaining the level of fidelity that any community of social impact desires, the delegation is only a support to the creation of accounts, and the incentive to new users and improvements in the Global education project. We have ignited a significant amount of Steem.

KPI Progress Measurement

Suggest at least 3 KPI’s with which to measure the progress of your project in its current phase. KPI’s must be measurable and objective (a percentage or numerical value), or binary (yes / no or completed / not completed).

A.-Description of KPI1: Increase registration.

KPI1 target: 15% + / month

B.-Description of KPI2: STEEM Powered Up
KPI2 target: 12,000+ / month

C.-Description of KPI3 : Consolidation of groups in blockchain technology
KPI3 target: 100+ / month

Token Offering

Our token was launched on the Telos Blockchain in May2019
Initial HEART supply: 144,000
Maximum HEART supply: 2,100,000,000

Fundraising objective (to finance the expansion in the operational / growth phase of the project / mass market adoption): None.

Annual inflation: None

Percentage of the total supply of tokens that will be sent to ALL Steem stakeholders (a / k / a SP holders) in proportion to their SP: We are distributing Heart to the communities and active people of Steemchurch.

How many tokens will you offer to Steemit Inc. in exchange for the delegation?

For now, we are planning to list the token in exchanges, waiting for SMT and Steem-engine information, in the future it may be a topic to be channeled.

Do you plan to raise money from other investors?

Yes, Steemchurch, has support from other investors in blockchain platform.

Delegation Request

How much delegation do you request?

Medium level

Specify the desired period of time for delegation in increments of 6 months: 1 year.

Which of the following answers best describes how delegation will be used to add direct value to Steem:

Our primary focus is on the C, being the A, and the B options that we also use.

A.- It will be used to create new accounts
B.- It will be used to give the new accounts 15 SP to give them the necessary resources to use Steem and buy goods and / or services through our platform
C-. It will be used to encourage the creation of content promoted by Steem on external platforms
D.- It will be used to provide limited trial or discount services to customers to encourage them to keep Steem and delegate in the future.

Declaration of Intent

We agree that our organization will continue to take advantage of the Steem blockchain as long as we receive a delegation and 1 year after the deletion of the delegation. During this time, we also agree to promote the Steem blockchain as a valuable technological protocol that offers unique value. We are willing to sign a legally binding contract with Steemit, Inc. for this purpose.


Each time you support with some delegation you will be collaborating with the feeding, education of thousands of children, the restoration of the family, and the promotion of blockchain technology in the world.

If you require any additional information about our projects you can write to us by email:
[email protected]

Or our situational room on telegram:


Presentation Prototype


Well written Lady Darlenys.

To further support our application I will add…

For the past 18 months SteemChurch has worked tirelessly to provide opportunities for those in politically mismanaged nations. We have assisted individuals from these lands to grow both within Steem and within their local communities.

We have assisted in the building of fish farms, chicken farms, tomato fields and banana plantations.

We have facilitated community health and education initiatives. Included in these have been Steem blockchain education initiatives.

As Lady Darlenys points out, I now take on an administrative role within the Church which has included seeking out expansion opportunities. Unfortunately delays in SMT meant we were unable to push forward with our community token ‘Beatitude’ on the Steem Blockchain. However, we have been able to launch our token on EOSIO blockchain Telos.

Utilising a Worker Proposal grant on Telos we have been able to recruit nearly 2,500 to our Church. However, it is more difficult to incentivise them back onto Steem with our current Steem Power resources.

We have never asked for any type of Steemit Inc or @ned delegation in the past - we have just worked hard and we have grown to perhaps the largest non-Dapp community on Steem. However, we make this application now in good faith, as we have many we would love to bring into Steem for the opportunities it will create.

We are SteemChurch and we will always be SteemChurch. With a 500,000 SP grant however, we could be much, much more. All the while continuing to grow our Steem Power to expand even further.

Finally, when our Beatitude came into being only 144,000 initial blessing were created - 12,000 for each of the 12 Tribes of the Bible. I am a Knight who believes in fate, so in light of your magnificent offer to share Steem Power with the communities of Steem, I can only conclude that the 12,000 tokens of one of these Tribes was destined for Steemit Inc.

Be well friends of Steemit Inc. We are SteemChurch and we strive forward for our families, our faith and our freedom.


Thank you @sirknight for this very important complement that specifically reflects the social work that steemchurch has done in recent months, in the same way the incentive we can give Steem inc, for supporting us with the delegation.

A great future for steemit Inc as they delegate to Steemchurch with a Blessing-filled 12000 Hearts. Thie is beautiful of you @Sirknight

Excellent description, steemchurch is a helpful community with specific criteria coupled with Christian principles based on social projects to project in the world. I support this delegation and declare success in their vision.

It is gratifying to receive the support of a united community in the same vision, regardless of the results, here we are, our essence and the ability to work, understanding that what moves us is the love for souls, is to be able to exercise an act of solidarity with our neighbor, but not the solidarity of alms or charity, the job is to return the identity to the human being, that they can be assured that their lives are valuable in the eyes of the creator, and that God's original desire is May we all be prospered in health, finances, as well as our soul thrives. It is not an ordinary task, it is a divine work following the steps of our greatest leader and example: Jesus Christ. They say that love will cover a multitude of mistakes. We appreciate those people who have supported our work over the course of these months: @pennsif, @fundition, the @adollaraday team, @theycallmedan,@jackmiller @redpalestino, @wilx, @partiko, @newhope , @impactn-projects, @promo-steem,@luppers.


Supporting the delegation request for @steemchurch we are undoubtedly leading a revolution of Christianity worldwide, many people have been and will be benefited.


This is very significant towards bringing financial freedom to more christians. We trust that Steemit Inc. will find this to be a worthy delegation to a community which from day #1 has been committed to changing lives around te world with love.

Congratulations to @Steemchurch in advance.


The topics that can be addressed in social Marketing are varied, such as: violence, alcoholism, smoking, environmental protection, public transport, drug dependence, responsible sex, teenage pregnancy, crime prevention, driver safety of cars, agriculture, community development, health and nutrition conservation, promotion of study careers, care for the elderly, promotion of cultural events, recycling, and so on. Social Marketing can also be useful to influence behaviors such as the delivery of subsidies by government agents or foundations, to obtain the support of social media, so this organization that represents @steemchurch is on an excellent path.

This is a request for love, made to promote a true legacy on the platform and in the world, the theme of fidelity is as important as that of any point, Steemchurch has proven to be a solid, constant community that knows where it is directs and has contributed efficiently to the platform, from now on it is up to this company to strengthen the ecosystem of fully organized communities.

Well written. I am totally in support of this request.
I hope the request is granted.


Social responsibility is aligned to sustainable development for what responds to the 3P's: People, Planet, Profit. Marketing for its part, also responds to P's, but to four, Product, Price, Place, Promotion, and in the case of services, another 3, People, Process, Physical Evidence are added. When social marketing is executed, the P's of marketing intersect with those of sustainability. This is a different approach to a successful vision.


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