A Town Redeemed

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obadiah 1
17 But on Mount Zion there will be a remnant that will be saved; and it will be holy, and the house of Jacob will recover its possessions.


The world in which we live is more difficult every day, not because of the world, but because of those who inhabit it, God in his inexhaustible love has prepared a master plan so that salvation exists, so that there is a remnant that can be saved.

Why some and not all? Because not everyone is willing to be saved, not everyone decides to believe in this plan, and therefore they cannot participate.

God promises redemption, restoration, for those who dare to believe him, for those who decide to follow him, love him, trust him, for those who dare to go for more, to recognize him and declare his name.

A redeemed people is one that decides to recognize the true God and follows him, fulfills his word, his commandments. A people that knows salvation is a holy people, therefore they live in holiness and under the direction of the Holy Spirit of God.

Regardless of how much we have lost, whatever our situation has been, God is able to restore everything in your favor, if you are one of those who have lost many but have kept your faith, the hope that God will make a lake in you, get ready because your reward it will be great, what God will bring into your life will certainly be great, God will restore all that you have lost, because you are his people, his beloved son, the reason for the sacrifice of the cross, keep fervently staying on the path that Jesus left us traced, and wait patiently because you will surely enjoy your Victory.

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