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Hello All,

As-Salaam-Alaikum ,

I am @yousafharoonkhan, your crypto professor and I am from Pakistan. And this is my 3rd class season 2 week 5.

First of all welcome students to today's course and as you all know we are trying to understand the topics related to centralized and decentralized in very simple words. In our previous course we tried to understand centralized and decentralized network in general and then we talked about the advantages of these two systems and which system is better for business.

Then we talked about decentralized and centralized exchanges which exchange is better for trading and why it is better and thus we read about the use of Uniswap exchange and how to use metamask all this we explained in detail in our previous course. Tried to find out from So today's lecturer is also associated with it. Which is about social media. Today the world is moving towards rapid development and if you look, the world has come to a standstill. Distances have been bridged by social media.

And people from all over the world are meeting each other millions of miles away every day. And businessmen from all over the world are running their business activities on a daily basis through social media. So our topic today is very simple and is about social media.

So let's start today's lecture.

Social Media Platforms

If we look today, there is a lot of noise everywhere and everyone is connected to social media. In fact, social media is the online platform where we stay in touch with each other through media. We can also say that in such a world, people communicate with each other through a medium. We can also say that social media is the medium where people from all over the world gather and talk to each other. A tool that helps people from all over the world connect with each other and build an online society, we can simply call it social media.

There are so many types of social media and two of them are connecting people all over the world today. Centralized and Decentralized Social Media. Many people do not yet know that two types of social media are gaining popularity at the moment. One is centralized social media and the other is decentralized social media. As we have talked about centralized and decentralized in our last lecture from the beginning. In the same way there are centralized and decentralized social media. And millions of people around the world are benefiting from these two social media at different times. Let's see what Centralized and Decentralized Social Media are.

Centralized and Decentralized Social Media

If we talk about centralized social media, it means a social media that is controlled by a central authority. And on such social media you do not feel free. Rather, your entire social media account belongs to the centralized system. Is subordinate. Your every activity, conversation centralized social media team can block all your records and accounts at any time without your permission. And if I say that the media where the user is allowed to create an account but centralized social media does not give you full authority to voice on this media as you wish.

The most popular centralized social media include Facebook, twitter and Instagram. There are many other centralized social media but the most popular centralized social media in the world are Facebook, twitter and Instagram. If we look at the other side, the world's first decentralized social media which is known as Steemit.

Decentralized social media gives the user full freedom of expression and business to run their ideas and business with complete freedom as opposed to centralized social media. And other centralized social media do not give their user complete freedom of expression and block the user's account. While on Steemit your account is never blocked.

If we talk about centralized social media, thousands of people are like that. Those who complain about Centralized Social Media on a daily basis have been working on Centralized Social Media for three years and now their account has been closed for no reason. And the years of hard work that these people put into growing their account are gone. This type of complaints are mostly about centralized social media.

And so we found out that Centralized Social Media is a media where you can create an account for free but you can't run a social media account based on own rules and regulations. You have to always run your account on centralized social media under the website rule.

Whether your account is based on trade or any professional style. You have to work under a fully centralized system.

While decentralized social media in which the biggest name is Steemit . Here you have complete freedom of expression and your account will never be blocked on decentralized social media. Because on decentralized social media you own your social account. And you have full authority to Start your own business on decentralized social media and make your voice heard. This is the difference between Steemit, the world's first decentralized social media, and other centralized social media.

Steemit Decentralized social media

Steemit social media is a decentralized social media. And on steemit social media you can register for free. If you are new and don't know how to sign up on steemit social media. So you have to click on the blue option of Sign up for free for free registration. And as soon as you click on this button, a new registration page will open in front of you.

  • Select a unique username.
  • Then enter your original E-mail address in the enter email option
  • and click on the E-mail send code option.
  • And you have to enter the code that will be received in the e-mail inbox in the confirmation code area.

In this way, you have to give

  • your phone number after the country code.
  • And then click on the send code option and the code that will be received is clicked in the confirmation area.
  • This is how to complete I'm not rebot
  • and click on the Continue option. This way you have to save all the keys and login.

steemit social media is the world's first decentralized social media. And here you have complete freedom to express yourself and publish Crypto, articles and great content. Nor is your account ever suspended.

If you work on other centralized social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube then your account which you grow after years of hard work can be suspended or blocked at any time. But your account on steemit social media is under your control all your life. Because decentralized social media gives you complete control over your account.

How steemit Social Media is revolutionizing the lives of millions of its users

My dear students as you know that on steemit social media hundreds of users are writing their articles on various topics every day and expressing their thoughts about pictures and daily life in the form of posts.In this way, Steemit Blockchain rewards its users for their quality content, in the form of Steem dollar($SBD) and $Steem. Thus users can cash the reward in their local currency on any exchange after a week. In this way steemit is giving its users the best reward of every post of on their quality content and thus steemit social media is becoming the best decentralized social media in the world at the moment.

And here I want to share with all of you students that many poor families in my area are being helped through steemit social media. Arranging the education of At present, thousands of families around the world are being helped through steemit social media. In this way, steemit blockchain social media has made people's lives more conducive to positive thinking and writing.

I think if any individual has any talent, he can earn through steemit decentralized social media. Because there are many earning opportunities for everyone on the steemit. If you are educated or you do not have an education or you have skills in any field of life then steemit social media will change your life and your journey towards prosperity will begin.

How We Can Make Money With Steemit Decentralized Social Media.

If we consider the word social, it means association, relationship or society or we can say it also means gathering in one place. When we say steemit social media, it means the gathering of users of steemit users in that place or family world. In this way we can earn through our positive activities on steemit blockchain. There are earning opportunities for everyone on steemit social media. There are different communities on steemit social media and the community has its own theme and if you write the best content according to the theme of this community then you are promoted to steemit blockchain and this upvote is your reward.


If you want to learn something on Steemit and have a quest inside you that you want to learn about crypto trading and crypto currency then you can also increase your earnings by learning on steemit social media. And with earning, you can add to your knowledge. Every week different courses are published on SteemitCryptoAcademy and steemit users read these courses and write their homework and then according to the quality of this homework the user is rewarded and the earnings along with education is only and only steemit social media is giving.

Newcomers' Community

First of all, it seems impossible to succeed without understanding any system. And every new user on the steemit blockchain is given a complete guide on how to use their steemit account and how to write a post. And what is original content and why plagiarism content is prohibited New users are asked to complete different tasks and users are rewarded for completing each task. In this way, every new user should first write their introductory post in Newcomers' Community so that it can be identified and thus they should complete various tasks that are necessary. On steemit social media you get a reward for every quality and positive activity you do and your journey towards prosperity begins.


If you are interested in cooking, you can share your different recipe in SteemFoods and increase your steemit earning by participating in various food related contests. This way you can increase your earnings by promoting traditional foods and street food of your area.


Accept challenge to make love steemit -Thus there are different communities on steemit social media and different contests are held in the community. Some contests consist of writting. In some communities, different photography contests are held and thus a daily diary writing contest is held. In this way, a steemit user can increase his earnings on steemit in hundreds of different ways. All users on steemit get the best reward for their quality content. Thus steemit social media is currently the best social media in the world where you don't need thousands of followers but if you have a little talent inside you can be able to earn the best on steemit.

So dear students on steemit blockchain you can earn hundreds of dollars every month by joining different communities and following their theme. In addition, there is a community of people from each country to represent each country, where people belonging to one country and region can write a post in their region and language. There are people from every region and language on steemit social media and every user can express their ideas and skills on steemit in their mother tongue.

And that is the beauty of the steemit blockchain, that people of every color and race and language have importance and love.

Which One is The Future of Social media ? Decentralized or centralized Social media.

If we talk about the future of both media , it is clear that centralized social media does not provide full account control to the content creator, but we work under a central government and its laws. While decentralized social media gives users complete freedom that the user can customize their account.

Thus your business on centralized social media is controlled by a third party and if you do any business on centralized social media then there is a 100% chance that your business will be banned while if we do the same Decentralized social media The way we do it on Steemit gives us complete freedom to run our business here. And we are not afraid that our social media account that we are using for business will be closed.

In this way, information on centralized social media can fall into the hands of hackers and there have been some cases where centralized social media has sold its user information to hackers.

Thus some governments have been using cetralized social media for their own purposes. And thus centralized social media works entirely under the influence of some powerful elements. In short, centralized social media does not provide complete protection to its users, nor does it guarantee that its user information will be in safe hands in the future.

On the other hand, decentralized media provides complete protection to its users in every way and this media does not work under the influence of any powerful person. No powerful person can silence the voice of the user on decentralized social media.

There are stories of millions of people who worked for years on Youtube or Twitter and Facebook but then years of hard work were wasted when they were given no reason and Users account were suspended or blocked.

Given all these circumstances, I am free to say that the popularity of decentralized social media points to its bright future. But in general, both centralized and decentralized social media are inseparable for the future.

Therefore, giving preference to one over the other will not be better in the current situation. But it is clear that every user wants to start theirsocial contact, information and business in a safe place so that their time and effort is not wasted in these circumstances. Decentralized social media is the last hope and the future in this regards.

How to create communities on Steemit social media

We will now learn how to build a community on steemit and this will be a practical question during homework. So communities have a very important role to play on social media. So if you don't know how to create communities, we will learn in this course today.

You have to pay three $steem to create a community. You must have at least three $steem in your account.

Step 1:

Login to steemit and click on Steemit as shown in screenshot


Step 2:

Click Explore communities below as shown in screenshot


Step 3:

Click on Create a Community


Step 4:

select community name, then write community descriptions


  • you can see ,i made color challenge community and also wrote description and then click next button


Step 5:

After click Next button , you have to save community password keys , it is very much important step


Step 6:

here pay is 3 steem cost , that admin will pay,if you are ready to pay 3 steem then click OK


Step 7:

after clicking ok, enter your active key to pay cost 3 steem ,


Step 8:

now community is ready to start, and promote


Step 9:

you can see color challenge community is active and ready to subscribe


I hope you all enjoyed today's very simple topic and I tried to write on this topic in very simple words so that all the students would be able to write on it. Answers to all the questions given in the homework are necessary. And if any question is not understood, you can ask in the comments. I will try to guide you in time. Thanks so much for reading today's course.


Home Work Week 5

Question no 1 :

Write the definition of Decentralized and Centralized Social Media Platforms in your own words.Explain in your own words the difference between decentralization and centralization Social Media Platforms (answer should related Social Media Platforms . (answer must be written in oun words, copy paste or from other source copy will be not accepted)

Question no 2 :

Which One is The Future of Social media ? Decentralized or centralized Social media.(answer must be written in own words)

Question no 3 :

How steemit decentralization social media is best than Twitter and Facebook.(answer must be written in own words)

Question no 4 :

What do you say? How do Steemit social media change the lives of millions of its users?(answer must be written in own words)

Question no 5 :

How can we make money with Steemit's decentralized social media.(write your own experience)

Question no 6 :

How to create communities on Steemit social media ( practicle step by step ) & Promote your homework post on two social media ,twitter and facebook (just share link in comments area)




  • Important All Homework posts should be posted in the community Steemit Crypto Academy .

  • Your Homework should be at least 300-1000 words.

  • Only steemexclusive articles will be curated

  • Add tag #yousafharoonkhan-s2week5 #cryptoacademy in your post and should be among the first five tags. Also, tag me as @yousafharoonkhan

  • Use only copy-right free images

  • PLAGIARISM Will not be Accepted, make sure your content in the post is not copied and pasted from other sources.

  • Plagiarism and spinning of other users’ articles will not be tolerated in the homework task. Otherwise repeat offenders will be blacklisted and banned from the Crypto Academy.

  • This homework task will run until 15th May'2021, Time- 11:59 PM UTC.

  • Users having a reputation of 50 or above, and having a minimum SP of 100(excluding any delegated SP) are eligible to
    participate in this Task.

  • It is necessary to complete all given questions in the week 5 course to gain the full marks.

Thank You.

Crypto Professors at Steemit Crypto Academy


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My home work for week12 is now 4 days old it was reviewed by you @yousafharoonkhan but has not been curated by @steemcurator02. Please help and do the needful.

Relax. It will be curated.

 3 years ago 

I have had similar issues in the past, am just being carefully so that such situation wont repeat it self. You know making research and attempting this homework is not an easy task at all.

Don't worry it will be curated I have had a post like that before that was curated 3hours to the payout I had already lost my hope but it was curated so don't worry about that.

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Its alright

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Aslam-o-Alaikum Dear, @yousafharoonkhan

I read your lecture today in full detail, it is really very informative and useful for everyone. you have rightly said,

many poor families in my area are being helped through steemit social media

Owing to covid-19 stress in Pakistan, people are now facing unemployment and in this difficult situation, steemit is playing a very important role in the lives of Pakistanis as well as people in the whole world.

thank you very much for sharing such information.

 3 years ago 

It's quite unfortunate I can't take part in this homework because my reputation isn't up to 50...will be glad when I reach there

Que buena conferencia @yousafharoonkhan muy sencilla de entender su explicación y excelente aprendizaje que nos deja a los que la leemos. Espero hacer su tarea pronto.

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