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RE: Crypto Academy Season 4 [ Advanced course ] week 2: Crypto Trading With Volume Indicator | BY @svm038

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Hi @svm038

Thanks for participating in the Steemit Crypto Academy

Rating criteriaCalculation out of 2
Quality of presentation1/2
Compliance with topic1/2
Clarity of language1/2
Quality of analysis1/2
Grand total6

This is fairly done. since this is a crypto academy. You are meant to talk about crypto as an example and not Stocks . You kept on giving an example of stocks which looked like as if you were teaching someone how to trade stocks using the volume indicator.

What did you mean by this statement?

The rise or rise of volume will of course predict the price.

You need to improve on the clarity of your explanations.

Total| 6/10


First of all, thank you for approving my assignment.
I was quite surprised to see the value 6 in this research task. Is it possible to talk about crypto without talking about stocks? I think I gave good information about crypto. Especially when I examine the assignments with high scores, I see that it is no different from mine. Regarding the question asked by the professor; How does volume reflect the evolution of prices on charts and why does volume sometimes predict price? (Screenshot required) ;

  • increase or decrease in volume will of course predict the price. A trend line is created by looking at the multiplicity of resistance and support points. Based on this, it is possible to make a price estimation.

Sorry if there is a problem with the translation. but this sentence is true and this is what I want to say. I request you to please review.


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