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Metavirus..the beginning of the end for the era of smartphones

No one in the world yet seems quite confident what the final metaverse will look like in the coming days.

Sai Krishna, co-founder of India's augmented reality company Scapic, describes metaverse as "a revolutionary evolution of the Internet where we will have 3D spaces, immersive virtual environments and advanced communications, as well as a paradigm shift in commerce and entertainment." him and to many others, metavirs is the next logical step beyond the smartphone stage and the traditional Internet we know now.

This raises many questions about privacy, as it is known that major technology companies now such as Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and others collect our personal information from social media, and from our daily direct communications on the Internet, and exploit it to collect huge amounts of money, whether through advertisements or others, knowing that we live outside The current Internet means that the screens are in front of us, so how about when we live within the network and within the screens? How about when we practice our whole lives in augmented and virtual reality through our metaphysical avatars? Will there be any privacy left for us?

We'll put off answering this question a bit, but when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally renamed the company "Meta", he also announced what he plans to do within metaverses, and that in no way means he wants to own metaverses. Because he simply can't do that.

In this context, experts assert, "No one owns the metavirus... it is an open platform." Meta's plans are more in line with building its own version of the meta-universe, a digital world in which the real and virtual worlds are combined. For example, you can meet your cousin who lives in California in a cafe in a virtual environment in Real time via your avatar.
The next step, given the fact that you have really easy ways to get 3D data now, and he (Zuckerberg) knows 3D spaces are going to be the next big thing."

And Meta Corporation has the talent and resources to build metaverses. In fact, the social media giant has announced that it is hiring 10,000 people in the European Union to do this big job, as the company’s platform recently mentioned, and it helps that they already own Oculus, the leader in virtual reality devices owned by the company. meta, which will literally be the portal to metaverses.

In this new environment, groups of users roaming 3D spaces can choose to do whatever they want to do, which is the future of social media, and indeed the Internet.

Metaverse already exists now!

The point that many forget when talking about metaverse is that it already exists today, and combines many emerging technologies such as 3D cinema, cryptocurrencies, electronic game platforms, and 3D video games such as “Roblox” and “Fortnite” ( Fortnite), as well as VR glasses makers such as Oculus and HTC Vive… all of these technologies already exist, evolve and overlap with each other in larger metaverses.

Says explains, "Because metaverse is an immersive 3D environment shared by a user group, where you can interact with others through your avatar, specialized hardware is needed to do this, you can't play it in a 2D world or through smartphone apps. The triple immersive environment means a much richer communication experience, which is why it will spread very quickly in the future.”

Does this mean that smartphones are on the way out?
In the near future, at least, smartphones will remain, but we have to know that they are not designed for 3D spaces, as is the case in metaverses, and this is why all major technology companies are investing heavily in virtual and augmented reality technologies, the future is definitely hers.

Experts say the race is to build experiences that will bring information to your face, but that also means focusing on manufacturing and producing a new range of devices that are very different from the regular smartphones we know, and in fact: Who will need smartphones in the future as we begin to live And communication and communication within the metaverse?

"In the next five years, we will witness a frantic arms race between technology companies aimed at producing new facial devices that are completely different from smartphones, and virtual and augmented reality will coexist together to complement each other," said Say. He added, "In the near future, the lines will become more blurred between what virtual reality and metaverse are. It is very similar to the analogy that exists between a laptop and an Internet connection."

Returning to the privacy question that we raised at the beginning of this article, the immersive digital environment that metaviruses will create seems exciting and pioneering, but it also has its own challenges, especially in the field of privacy, knowing that ads will be a primary source of income in it.

In an immersive environment like this, do not expect to have any privacy whatsoever. Virtual reality data is biometric data, and every movement of humans within this environment will be recorded, which is like a “global harvest” of all personal and behavioral characteristics of humans, which will make people vulnerable to a lot of cybercrime, much more than what currently exists.
(sorry my English is bad i write n french and i use a google translate if you find some fault i'm sorry for)

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