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Buenos días profesor @fredquantum, le quería consultar tengo problemas graves con mi tarea, al hacer el proceso de pedir prestado firmo la transacción y me descuenta la alta comisión de 50 TRX pero la transacción no se ejecuta correctamente. No aparecen los activos prestados en mi cuenta, ya he intentado 3 veces y perdido 150 TRX en el proceso, por ende no puedo hacer el siguiente paso de la tarea que es cancelar el préstamo, adjunto las firmas del contrato y el estado de mi cuenta.

He seguido el proceso exacto a su explicación en la clase, ya no se que hacer :(





That's quite unfortunate. What asset are you trying to borrow?

USDT profesor, ya que es el activo que cuenta con el APY más bajo para préstamos 🥺

Que me recomienda hacer profesor? No puedo completar la parte de la pregunta de pagar la deuda de esta manera

 10 months ago (edited)

First of all, that 50TRX is huge on a single transaction. The whole transactions in that task should be around just (60-80 TRX) and I have seen that in other homework task submitted earlier. I can't really say what went wrong at the moment. You can try to borrow another asset maybe WIN.

Ya lo intente profesor, y me sucede lo mismo me pide alrededor de 50 trx y ya me da miedo seguirlos perdiendo, será posible explicar mi caso en esa pregunta y solo escribir los pasos en los que me faltan los capture de pantalla?🥺😔

Prof, The assignment has cost me a lot of TRX I did a single transaction that cost me 70TRX, and I have been stucked at paying back the loan as the transaction keeps failing yet consuming my Energy and bandwidth as well as burning a lot of my TRX only to tell me not enough energy.

Screenshot_20211029-213853_TronLink Pro.jpg

I have made a lot of failed transactions and I have lost over $100 to this. Interestingly, I guess it is the contract address that has issues because I have enough energy, and bandwith as well as enough TRX.

Screenshot_20211029-214035_TronLink Pro.jpg

Screenshot_20211029-214042_TronLink Pro.jpg

Screenshot_20211029-214056_TronLink Pro.jpg

I would be glad to put my experience in my post and I hope you understand with me. At this point, I will quit using my funds and my resources on the final part of the test.

Thanks a lot

Hello @gbenga. Some people are experiencing that at the moment. You can demonstrate the procedures involved in borrowing, how to go about the repay and add a note of what could have caused the failure. Kindly attach the hash of your failed transaction to the article. Thank you.

Please can you check my comment again, it has been edited. YOu could go through my screenshot and I hope it is allowed that I write an honest review about the swap in the final question?

The reason I am requesting for the hash is that many students would take advantage of the borrow irregularities and won't attempt it at all. This is a contract issue that can be fixed anytime sooner by the developer, so it's important to attach the hash of one of the transactions.

I understand the situation perfectly. That's why highlighted in the last comment that you can just demonstrate how to perform the borrow transaction on the protocol, how to repay (without using any resources, just mere illustration) and add a note of what you think could have caused such occurrence. It's obvious the problem is only with the borrow feature and do not forget to attach the transaction hash for one of the failed transaction. Thank you.

 10 months ago (edited)

This platform is somewhat unreliable. I've spent close to 300 trx yet stuck at the borrow task. Tried to borrow USDT yet it doesn't reflect, been doing it since spending trx for energy but still the same. Tried WIN lost another 30 trx .

What can we do prof

Hello @doppley. It's a reliable platform, something went wrong with the borrow feature at the moment. Some people are experiencing that too. You can demonstrate the procedures involved in borrowing, how to go about the repay and add a note of what could have caused the failure. Kindly attach the hash of your failed transaction to the article. Thank you.

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