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The season 4 at the crypto academy has entered week 8, and all has been running smoothly so far. I strongly believe many students have been impacted through different lectures taught this season and that the process has enhanced their knowledge of the crypto ecosystem. For this week, I will be presenting yet another lecture and I welcome you on this.

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Background to the Study

The advent of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) has been accompanied by different products in the crypto ecosystem which enables the users to carry out transactions of choice independently without the involvement of third parties. With such addition to the crypto ecosystem, users can now perform any transaction at their convenience to either carry out money movement or improve the profitability of some of the assets they owned.

Some of the products of DeFi enable users to swap assets at will without involving third parties, lending, and borrowing assets, acting as liquidity providers, and so on. One of the great blockchains that have come up with different innovations is the Tron Blockchain with many dApps built on it, and this enables users to interact with different dApps to perform any transaction of choice. Today, we would be talking about one of the dApps built on the Tron blockchain, and it's no other than Zethyr Finance. Let's go into it proper.

Zethyr Finance

Zethyr Finance is one of the numerous dApps built on the Tron blockchain, maybe new but its features are earning it a solid stand amongst several other dApps on the blockchain. Zethyr Finance is a lending protocol on the Tron blockchain which enable users to lend out their Tron assets (TRX, USDT, WIN, BTT...) on the protocol through the process known as supply to earn certain APY as specified in the market of choice.

In addition, the protocol also enable users to borrow from the assets that were supplied by other users, and this can be accessed through the feature known as borrow, also to be repaid at a certain APY. This is not the first lending protocol on the Tron blockchain but it's important to know that even this protocol has a DEX for the exchange of Tron assets, such a feature is missing in some other lending protocol.

A few Features of Zethyr Finance

There are a few features of the protocol in question and in this section, we would be exploring different features of Zethyr Finance and see what each of them does on the protocol. Let's quickly run through them.


Lending/Borrowing is one of the features of Zethyr Finance where users can easily lend out their assets through supply function on the protocol to earn profits at a certain APY from the Tron assets held in their wallet, likewise, users can easily borrow assets from other users' supply on the protocol, and the function borrow is used for this purpose. Lending/Borrowing is a great feature of the protocol which enable users to earn extra profits from their held assets and also, position themselves for the opportunity to borrow assets to take care of urgent needs (either for investment purpose or personal needs).

Supply and Borrow markets on Zethyr Finance

Zethyr Exchange

Another great feature of Zethyr Finance is the DEX which enables users to swap their Tron assets for another asset of choice. Like I mentioned earlier, other lending/borrowing protocols don't have this feature but Zethyr Finance offers this to enable users to use the swap option of the protocol to perform the exchange of Tron assets. Zethyr Finance is a DEX aggregator that compiles and compares information about a price and liquidity of an asset from different DEX to offer the best pricing for the swap action on the protocol.

Zethyr Exchange

Above is the swap interface of the Zethyr Finance and you can see the work of the DEX aggregator as the rate at which TRX is exchanged for USDT matches that of JustSwap.

Stable Swap

Stable Swap is a great feature of Zethyr Finance which enables cross-chain swap of stablecoins. This feature is termed as cross-swap that can be used to swap USDT (TRC20) to USDT (ERC20). The only available asset on the feature as at the time of writing this article is USDT and it's quite awesome as it enables one to swap owned Tron USDT in the wallet directly to USDT on the Ethereum network, great stuff, and with no doubt, this is a wonderful feature for cross-chain transactions.


From the screenshot above, all you just need to do is input the amount of USDT (TRC20) you intended to swap, paste your USDT Ethereum address (destination wallet) and click Swap. The transaction fee is 10 USDT which is quite costly but it all depends on what the user wants to use the asset for, which would determine its suitability (investment-wise).


ZToken is another feature of Zethyr Finance to talk about, when assets are supplied on the protocol users get ZTokens and this can be used as collateral to be eligible for borrowing on the protocol, also, it represents the overall user's asset on the protocol including the accrued interest .

How to Connect TronLink Wallet to Zethyr Finance

  • Visit zethyr. finance/#/ and hit portfolio at the top of the page.
  • Authorize the connection of the wallet by clicking Connect and the wallet would be connected. See the screenshots below.
  • iMarkup_20211020_155111.jpg



    How to Swap Tron Assets on Zethyr Finance

  • From the Zethyr Finance landing page, select Swap at the top of the page to visit the DEX aggregator.
  • On the swap interface, choose the assets you are exchanging, I am exchanging Tron assets (TRX to USDT). I inputted 10 TRX which gives an approximate 1.033595 USDT. Click Swap Now.
  • Confirm the transaction and Sign it by inputting your password.
  • Transaction successful. See the screenshots below.
  • 0001-10417623119_20211020_161956_0000.png



    How to Supply Tron assets on Zethyr Finance

  • Select a preferable market you are supplying from the available supply market. In my case, I am supplying into the TRX market with 2.43% APY.
  • As a first-timer, enable the market of choice.
  • Input the amount of Tron assets you are supplying and click Supply. Sign the transaction with your password. And the transaction will be successful. See the screenshots below.
  • iMarkup_20211020_170222.jpg



    The steps above complete the process of supplying assets on Zethyr Finance and you can find the details of the transaction here, 868abeb154276fb03d97634de11f1b6aca3731b9c1ac68238ea0f37bd1313500.

    How to Borrow Tron assets on Zethyr Finance

    To borrow an asset on Zethyr Finance, then you must have collateralized an asset to unlock the borrowing function. Let's see a few steps involved in borrowing assets on Zethyr Finance.

  • From your initial supply, hit the button under collateral to activate the asset as collateral to access borrowing.
  • So on the next interface, click on Use TRX for Collateral or any asset you have supplied.
  • Sign the transaction with your password and the transaction would be successful.
  • iMarkup_20211021_055401.jpg


    Note that: Your borrow limit on Zethyr Finance would be approximately half of your total supply that was collateralized, as such you should aim to collateralize enough assets to enable you access at least the minimum borrow limit from the borrowing market. For example, if you supply 2 USD worth of TRX, you would be able to access a borrowing market with a limit of 1 USD and the minimum borrow limit of USDT on Zethyr Finance is 1. Kindly take note.

  • Click on the market you are borrowing from and Enable it. In this case, I am borrowing 1 USDT with 10.40 % APY.
  • Input the amount, click borrow, and sign the transaction with your password.
  • I have just utilized 96.87% of my total 1.03 USD borrow limit. See the screenshots below.
  • iMarkup_20211021_055455.jpg


    You can find the transaction details here, d0729ef491fc0c0d461ce20c9a438f6e90b58a76eda4d1a171eacd7b80fd3d45.

    How to Repay the borrowed asset

  • Locate the borrowing market and click on it.
  • Switch to Repay.
  • Enter the amount you are repaying, in this case, I am repaying all so I clicked SafeMax.
  • Sign the transaction and it would be successful. See the screenshots of the steps below.
  • iMarkup_20211021_055636.jpg


    From the above, I have repaid the borrowed 1 USDT asset with interest accrued to be 0.000284 USDT. You can find the details of the repay transaction here, 54ff27bb8a34557226426c1c7c5e90640d3e61342ddcdb45ff92eda0afc91848.


    Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has blessed the crypto ecosystem with several innovations which allow users to make independent transactions on different products. The Tron blockchain has hosted a lot of these products and one of its newest products is Zethyr Finance which is a lending protocol. We have been able to explore some of the features of the protocol to see how we can use them for exchanging Tron assets, lending out assets to improve profitability, and borrowing assets to take care of urgent investment decisions. I hope something is being added today to your knowledge of DeFi products on the Tron blockchain. Thanks for participating in the lecture.

    Homework Task

  • 1. What is Zethyr Finance?

  • 2. What are the features of Zethyr Finance? Discuss them. What's your understanding about DEX Aggregator?

  • 3. Explore the Zethyr Finance Markets and show your observations in terms of profitability of Supply and Borrow (Hint: Best Supply/Borrow APY). Screenshots required.

  • 4. Show the steps involved in connecting the TronLink Wallet to Zethyr Finance. (Screenshots required).

  • 5. Give a detailed understanding of ztoken and research a token of another project that serves the same purpose as it.

  • 6. Perform a real Supply transaction on Zethyr Finance using a preferable market. Show it step by step (Screenshots required). Show the fees incurred.

  • 7. Collateralize your asset to Borrow on Zethyr Finance, repay the borrowed asset and withdraw your supply. Show the steps involved and your observations (like the fees incurred). (Screenshots required).

  • 8. What do you think of Zethyr Finance? Is it great or not? State your reasons.

  • Important Notice: All the transactions in this lecture are smart contract triggered transactions that consumed both Bandwidth and Energy. If you are making homework tasks, be sure that you have enough TRX (~ 60 - 80) to be burned to accommodate the required energy for the transactions so that you can have a successful homework task (complete task), and remember to include the Hash of each transaction. In addition, Zethyr Finance is not taught in this lecture as investment advice rather it's aimed to open your sight to other alternative dApps to take advantage of probable profitability, so you need to have a real user experience to enable you to have something to say about the protocol. Kindly take note of that.

    Rules and Guidelines

  • The title of the homework task should be Zethyr Finance - Crypto Academy / S4W8 - Homework Post for @fredquantum.
  • Have you joined the #club5050 yet? There is a mark allocated for it in this task, so do the needful and look beyond today (Build your SP). Do not use the tag #club5050 if you do not satisfy the initiative's conditions for participation. Take note.
  • Post your article to the Steemit Crypto Academy.
  • The purpose of the homework task is to widen your knowledge about the topic, so ensure you don't limit yourself to the few things taught in this lecture. Do more Research and be Creative.
  • Your article must be at least 600 words and make sure your language is clear and straightforward.
  • Users that are Powering down are not eligible for participation.
  • Be sure that your article is free of Plagiarism, if you have directly copied words from any source, fully reference it.
  • Avoid content spinning of other users' content, it can disqualify you so make sure you are a unique producer of your homework task. You don't want to risk being sent to the grey list or blacklist, so Beware!
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  • This task runs till the 30th of October 2021. Time: 11:59 PM UTC. Any homework task submitted later than that becomes invalid. Thank you.

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    Thank you.

    Greetings @fredquantum. That's another great lecture Prof. Thanks for your effort.

    Thank you.

    ¿profesor es Zethyr Finance o Zephyr Finance?

    Zethyr Finance

    @fredquantum en la pregunta de caracteristicas del proyecto se refiere a que describamos la pagina como tan con toda la inerfax grafica?

    Include graphics.

    Buenos días profesor @fredquantum, le quería consultar tengo problemas graves con mi tarea, al hacer el proceso de pedir prestado firmo la transacción y me descuenta la alta comisión de 50 TRX pero la transacción no se ejecuta correctamente. No aparecen los activos prestados en mi cuenta, ya he intentado 3 veces y perdido 150 TRX en el proceso, por ende no puedo hacer el siguiente paso de la tarea que es cancelar el préstamo, adjunto las firmas del contrato y el estado de mi cuenta.

    He seguido el proceso exacto a su explicación en la clase, ya no se que hacer :(




    That's quite unfortunate. What asset are you trying to borrow?

    USDT profesor, ya que es el activo que cuenta con el APY más bajo para préstamos 🥺

    Que me recomienda hacer profesor? No puedo completar la parte de la pregunta de pagar la deuda de esta manera

     3 years ago (edited)

    First of all, that 50TRX is huge on a single transaction. The whole transactions in that task should be around just (60-80 TRX) and I have seen that in other homework task submitted earlier. I can't really say what went wrong at the moment. You can try to borrow another asset maybe WIN.

    Ya lo intente profesor, y me sucede lo mismo me pide alrededor de 50 trx y ya me da miedo seguirlos perdiendo, será posible explicar mi caso en esa pregunta y solo escribir los pasos en los que me faltan los capture de pantalla?🥺😔

    Prof, The assignment has cost me a lot of TRX I did a single transaction that cost me 70TRX, and I have been stucked at paying back the loan as the transaction keeps failing yet consuming my Energy and bandwidth as well as burning a lot of my TRX only to tell me not enough energy.

    Screenshot_20211029-213853_TronLink Pro.jpg

    I have made a lot of failed transactions and I have lost over $100 to this. Interestingly, I guess it is the contract address that has issues because I have enough energy, and bandwith as well as enough TRX.

    Screenshot_20211029-214035_TronLink Pro.jpg

    Screenshot_20211029-214042_TronLink Pro.jpg

    Screenshot_20211029-214056_TronLink Pro.jpg

    I would be glad to put my experience in my post and I hope you understand with me. At this point, I will quit using my funds and my resources on the final part of the test.

    Thanks a lot

    Hello @gbenga. Some people are experiencing that at the moment. You can demonstrate the procedures involved in borrowing, how to go about the repay and add a note of what could have caused the failure. Kindly attach the hash of your failed transaction to the article. Thank you.

    Please can you check my comment again, it has been edited. YOu could go through my screenshot and I hope it is allowed that I write an honest review about the swap in the final question?

    The reason I am requesting for the hash is that many students would take advantage of the borrow irregularities and won't attempt it at all. This is a contract issue that can be fixed anytime sooner by the developer, so it's important to attach the hash of one of the transactions.

    I understand the situation perfectly. That's why highlighted in the last comment that you can just demonstrate how to perform the borrow transaction on the protocol, how to repay (without using any resources, just mere illustration) and add a note of what you think could have caused such occurrence. It's obvious the problem is only with the borrow feature and do not forget to attach the transaction hash for one of the failed transaction. Thank you.

     3 years ago (edited)

    This platform is somewhat unreliable. I've spent close to 300 trx yet stuck at the borrow task. Tried to borrow USDT yet it doesn't reflect, been doing it since spending trx for energy but still the same. Tried WIN lost another 30 trx .

    What can we do prof

    Hello @doppley. It's a reliable platform, something went wrong with the borrow feature at the moment. Some people are experiencing that too. You can demonstrate the procedures involved in borrowing, how to go about the repay and add a note of what could have caused the failure. Kindly attach the hash of your failed transaction to the article. Thank you.

    Hola estimado profesor @fredquantum soy yo De nuevo, le ruego me disculpe por molestarlo tanto últimamente 🥺 pero quería notificarle que mi publicación de tarea no ha sido visitada por el curador a pesar de que mi nota es positiva (7.5) creo que se ha saltado por error ya que a los compañeros que publicaron después de mi ya los han visitado.

    Le agradezco de corazón me pueda ayudar con este problema profesor, muchísimas gracias!

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