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RE: Steemit Crypto Academy Contest / S3W3 - The Wallets by @simonnwigwe || #Burnsteem25

Though, I have also lost some amount of crypto because I misplaced my private key. When the TRX was integrated into the steem blockchain, I downloaded my TRX keys but I lost the phone and I didn't backup the keys I download so within that period, I lost about 2k TRX which I initially earned.

Hi @simonnwigwe, I'm sorry to read that, but it's a very common mistake not to back up our keys in case our phone gets damaged or lost.

I agree with you in the preference for Hot Wallets because of their ease of use and their accessibility anywhere and anytime, in addition, many offer options to buy, sell or simply trade, not what is not possible in a Cold Wallet.

A pleasure to read your post.

 4 months ago 

Thanks my friend

You're Welcome! 👍🏻

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