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RE: Steemit Update [ February 14th, 2022 ] - Crypto Academy Season 6 / Week 2 Courses

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Among the rules to be eligible to subscribe to club5050, you must transfer at least half of your earnings for a month to your SP wallet whatever the terms.


Are You serious?

I'm following club100 and for that we don't need to transfer out anything for 3 months . I have asked this same question again and again they said yes. If you are not withdrawing anything then that means you are following clubs (Doesn't matter if You PowerUp half of the earnings or not).

Please Check again and ask the team as well if You want. (I have not withdrawn anything since4, 5 Months and also PowerUp more than 1000 Steem in last 4 Months) Yes, I earned more than 2000 Steem in Last 4 Months but I haven't withdraw anything, just saving them for a project here on Steemit.

@salmanwains Are you sure about that?
I also didn't withdraw anything for last 5 months. So if I didn't power up all my earnings then am i not eligible?

N.B. All my rewards are stayed as SBD and only steem

I have asked them again and again. And I think I am right on that point.

Let's see what they say it openly here again. I have already told them that I'm not withdrawing anything to save my steem for a new Project here on Steemit. But I was also PoweringUp in last months not this Month.

So, If I have not withdrawn anything in last 4 Months and poweredUp 1000+ Steem that should be mean that I'm following club100.

I need an answer from an official here in this comment or I request @steemitblog to write this rule in their post so that everybody knows about it.


 2 years ago (edited)

Dejame te explico amigo salmanwains. para participar en el club5050 debes potenciar activamente el 50% de tus recompensas, independientemente si retiraste o no el otro 50%..


En la primera grafica dice que el TOTAL DE TUS RECOMPENSAS GANADAS hiciste power up nada mas el 7%.

Para participar debes potenciar al menos el 50% para entrar en el club5050.

El power up deben ser activamente, inmediatamente que recibas una recompensa debes hacer tu power up.

Si no retiraste okeys, esta valido solo que acumules tus recompensas. Pero si se debe hacer el power up correspondiente a tu power up del 50%, 75% o 100%

No, I don't believe this. As I haven't seen they mentioned a rule like that in any of their post.

Moreover, I am not withdrawing but saving Steem here to start a new Project which will be launched soon.

Lo que yo entiendo es que estar dentro del club5050, club75 o club100 significa hacer powerup por esos porcentajes, el hecho de tener guardados tus steem sin hacer powerup no creo que se tome como estar en club100.

@salmanwains I also agree about that

Hi! As the teacher and another user have already told you, being in the clubs means powering up at least 50% of your rewards, and it is limited to the last 30 days.

On the other hand, what is the point of having liquid rewards without power up?

It obviously means that you can withdraw them at any time, so you can't "assume" that you'll power up.

That is clearly understood.

In my case I power up and decide which club I am in as the deadline on the 1st of each month, there you must make the decision, because 30 days is the deadline.

What you are saying about withholding liquid rewards has nothing to do with clubs 5050, 75 or 100.

I hope this explanation helps you.

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